Visit Deauville in Normandy: a glamorous, arty beach resort and centre for horses with fabulous shopping and nightlife.

Feel Deauville with our top 5 sensory experiences…

See horses on the two racecourses or at the equestrian training centre, at the national steeplechase competition or at the international polo championship

Hear new-generation musicians performing at the annual Easter Music Festival, where many of them kickstarted their careers

Smell roses in the Domaine des Enclos, a 33-hectare public garden on the outskirts of Deauville that was donated to the town in 1973

Taste freshly caught seafood in one of the town’s 40 excellent restaurants. Lobster is a particular speciality at the Michelin-starred Le Ciro’s Barrière

Touch fine golden sand on Deauville’s beautiful beach: build sandcastles, throw balls, fly kites or just relax under a colourful parasol.

Built upon a few acres of marshland and dunes in Calvados 150 years ago, Deauville is today one of the most memorable seaside resorts in Normandy. It’s an international centre for horses with its two racecourses and range of prestigious international races, training centre for 300 horses, national steeplechase competition, international polo championship and 75 stud farms in the surrounding area. Deauville is also a seriously arty town, home to or associated with numerous artists, fashion designers, photographers and filmmakers, all inspired and influenced by the sea, the light and the special atmosphere.

Culturally, the Easter Music Festival has become a renowned meeting place of new-generation musicians and the book show ‘Literature & Music’ is the highlight of Deauville’s literary life each May, focusing on books inspired by music. The immense sandy beach in Deauville is dotted with multi-coloured parasols where children and adults alike can have fun – throwing balls, flying kites, making sandcastles or just relaxing. There are four fabulous golf courses here too. Deauville’s shops satisfy all passions for shopping and, come nightfall, the town is all illuminated: its casino blazes with a thousand lights, and after an excellent dinner, why not visit one of the numerous bars and nightclubs?


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