Biarritz - Basque Country


Biarritz-Basque Country

 Jean-Luc Ichard / Shutterstock
© Jean-Luc Ichard / Shutterstock

With one foot in the Atlantic and the other in the mountains, Biarritz and the Pays Basque are like an Espelette pepper, one of the favourite flavours of the region, strong yet sweet at the same time. The strength is reflected by the surfers who flock here for the powerful waves. Sweetness comes from the festive life style and the love of great gastronomy that’s inherent in the culture of this region. The tides have shaped the magnificent coastal scenery with its high cliffs, long sandy beaches and wild coves which inspire surfers and beach lovers alike. It’s also an exhilarating place to visit: André Courrèges, the inventor of the miniskirt, lived in Biarritz, though today it’s swimwear that takes the centre stage here…

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