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Talent à suivre : Danger, producteur musical
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Reading time: 0 minPublished on 30 June 2023, updated on 15 April 2024

From Étienne de Crécy to Woodkid, something unusual is happening in Lyon… Is it something in the water? Something in the air? Born near Lyon, Frank Rivoire, under the stage name Danger, is no newbie producer, and his own album is here at long last. Keep your eye on him.

• His name is Frank Rivoire, alias Danger • He’s an artist, music producer, and designer • He was born in Lyon in the early 80s • He came up with jazz and punk groups, and then he got hold of his first ever synthesiser • We’re following him because he’s already founded his own label (1789 records), and released official remixes for Sébastien Tellier, Empire of the Sun, Black Eyed Peas and Kanye West, and been several times round the world on his live tour • His signature: his manga character with shining eyes and fantastical concerts • Breaking news: his first album came out in 2017, 太鼓 (Taiko = Japanese for drum).

Follow him here: - His website

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