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Wikimedia Commons / Karen Price
© Wikimedia Commons / Karen Price

Reading time: 0 minPublished on 4 January 2023

Annecy is located in the Rhone-Alpes region on the bank of the lake that bears its name, in the northern French Alps, 50km north of Chambery, and 40km south of Geneva (Switzerland).

Annecy is internationally known for the beauty of its harmonious landscapes, but also for the quality of the lake water, thanks to the conservation efforts for over 50 years, making it the purest lake in Europe. This pure, clear water escapes from the lake, and flows into the channels that run in the "old town" (historic center of Annecy), which gives it its picturesque nickname of "Venice of the Alps".

In this context, visitors can enjoy a wide range of sports and cultural activities, in summer or winter. Water activities (swimming, sailing, water skiing, diving), cycling (with a secure bike lane along the lake over 40km long), as well as mountain activities (hiking, biking, via ferrata, canyoning, paragliding).

Regarding cultural activities, they are numerous: museums, castles, tours, exhibitions to discover... In fact, the town of Annecy has been awarded the coveted "Art and History" label.

Not to miss in Annecy

  • Le Chateau d'Annecy
  • The Château de Clermont
  • The Castle of Menthon Saint Bernard
  • Castle Ruphy Duingt
  • Castle Montrottier
  • The Church of St. Francis De Sales
  • The Church of St. Maurice
  • Notre-Dame de Liesse
  • The Basilica of the Visitation
  • The Pont des Amours
  • The Old Prison of Annecy
  • The PACCARD Museum
  • The "World Heritage" Annecy Lake
  • The Living Museum of Annecy Lake
  • The Imperial Palace
  • The Paquier


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