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Reading time: 0 minPublished on 1 February 2023, updated on 16 April 2024

New culinary trends

Highly creative chefs, new prep and cooking methods, globalisation, sustainable development... With all of these, French gastronomy is in constant evolution.


Food trucking comes from New York, and is a trendy concept that combines fast food with quality. From their trucks parked around town, chefs propose a gourmet type of snacking, paying special attention to products and driven by public demand.

What to order from these food trucks?

  • A gourmet burger at the Camion qui fume, in Paris;
  • Sushi at Julien Moinet's Sushiju truck in Orange;
  • Traditional dishes from the Faim de Lou truck, in Toulouse.

Fusion cuisine, rich in colour and taste

The concept of fusion food was born in the seventies in Australia and the United States, and is a multicultural cuisine, mixing flavours originating from different parts of the world. We can prepare a European dish, for example, with Asian ingredients, such as a ginger risotto, or inversely, goat cheese and honey nems.

Where to try fusion cuisine?

  • Le Mood, in Paris;
  • Le Comptoir nippon, in Paris;
  • Fuzion, in Aix-en-Provence.

The classics, revisited and revamped

Many chefs revisit the French culinary greats in order to pass on traditional recipes, yet adapt them to our contemporary lifestyles, especially regarding the speed with which dishes are prepared.

Where to taste revisited classics?

  • La Cigale Récamier, in Paris, where the cheese soufflé is revisited a myriad of ways;
  • Pascade, in Paris, which plays with Aveyron crepes;
  • La Laiterie, in Val Thorens, revisits the Savoyard fondue.

Eat organic and local

The concept of eating organic is spreading throughout France, and with this, the idea of eating local, that is using (often organic) seasonal ingredients produced within a 250-kilometer range from home. In the Paris region, «Des produits d’ici, cuisinés ici» is the first label identifying restaurants that adhere to these notions by working with local products.

Where to eat local?

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