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Reading time: 0 minPublished on 31 December 2022

Located close to the Place des Palmistes, Cayenne’s symbolic square planted with giant palm trees, the city’s central market is one place that you shouldn’t miss in French Guiana’s capital.

The market is popular with local Cayennais as well as with inhabitants of the surrounding area who come here to buy and sell their products and produce.

Inside the large metal-framed market hall built in the early 20C, as well as in adjacent streets, a multitude of stalls tempt visitors with a whole host of fruit and vegetables grown by the Hmong in the south-east and west of the country, creating an explosion of colours, aromas and flavours!

With their characteristic gift of the gab, the female stallholders encourage visitors to buy their exotic fruits, spices and different varieties of punch among the myriad options on offer.

If a visit here gives you an appetite, make sure you head to the end of the hall to satisfy your tastebuds in one of the small restaurants selling soups and fresh fruit juices.

After enjoying a welcome food break, continue your exploration by hunting down local arts and crafts, such as objects made from exotic woods or braided necklaces.

Open Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 4am to 2pm. Place du Marché, 97300 Cayenne.


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