The best pastry chef in the world is a French woman

On Oct 9, 2018, Christelle Brua, pastry chef of the Pré Catelan in Paris, received the title of "best restaurant pastry chef in the world." She is the first woman to receive the prestigious award, presented by the association Les Grandes Tables du Monde. Read on for a portrait of this artist committed to gourmet recipes.

The work of Christelle Brua, from Moselle, is inspired by the great classics of French pastry, revisited with her original and fresh touch. Her mix of old and new seems to work, since the 41 year-old's career is already littered with prizes.

Honored by the Gault Millau and The Great Tables of the World

Best apprentice of Moselle in 1998, Best pastry chef of the year in 2009, graduated from "Club de Cent" the same year and elected pastry chef of the year in 2014 by the Gault Millau, she has been elected "best pastry chef in restaurant of the world " to honor the entirety of her work. This prestigious prize is awarded by association Les Grandes Tables du monde ("The great tables of the world), which brings together 174 restaurants in 25 countries. The prize is international consecration that propels the pastry chef into the very small circle of big names in pastry.

Christelle Brua breathes modernity into the most classic pastries, such as Paris-Brest, pear Belle-Hélène or baba au rhum. In 2003, chef Frédéric Anton welcomed her to Pré Catelan and tasked her with creating a "round and elegant dessert." It took almost two months for the young pastry chef to make her trademark dessert, une pomme en sucre soufflé: apples, topped with caramel ice cream, cider and sparkling sugar.

60 apples souffléed each day at Pré Catelan

In what's become a must-order at the Pré Catelan, the Parisian triple starred institution, this recipe is a real success, with no less than 60 pommes en sucre soufflé prepared each day! For the French, each spoonful of this round and colorful dessert is a trip to their childhood, reminiscent of the sweet apples served at carnivals throughout France. Brua's work is a delight for the palate and the eyes!

Getting to the Pré Catelan, in Paris