Amiens-Lille: Lose your bearings in architecture

Exceptional cultural and architectural heritage, a natural setting that reaches all the way to the coast, generous gastronomy that reflects a welcoming people... No you’re not dreaming, you really are in the North of France! Take the opportunity to visit Amiens and its “hortillonnages”, amazing floating gardens. Continue on to Lille, where you are sure to be charmed by the old town and the brasseries.


During a walk in the picturesque Saint-Leu district, whose canals have given Amiens the nickname “little Venice of the north”, don’t miss the impressive Gothic Notre-Dame cathedral, whose façade is illuminated when night falls. Don’t forget to sample “Amiens macaroons”, another symbol of the city and a favourite of Catherine de Medici who introduced it in the 16th century.

What to see

  • Jules Verne’s house

Topped with an “extraordinary” tower, it was in this private mansion that the writer was inspired to bring more than 30 novels to life.

Local sightseeing

  • Château de Pierrefonds

A dignified building on the edge of the forest of Compiègne, magnificently well-preserved, a castle with an imperial design.

  • Memorial tour

Here at the western front of the First World War, discover all the faces of this major episode of worldwide history through discovery and memorial tours...


Renowned for its friendliness, Lille astonishes visitors with its belfries, draws their admiration with its Palais des Beaux-Arts and regales all those with a sweet tooth with its famous stuffed waffles at the Méert patisserie. As for Vieux Lille, you won’t forget its cobbled alleyways, its typically Flemish architecture and its many estaminets in a hurry!

What to see

  • Belfry of the Hôtel de Ville

At 104 m, it’s the tallest belfry in the north of France. A striking 360° view over the city and its surrounding area!

  • Lille 3000 events

Continue the adventure of Lille European Capital of Culture with a rich programme of events and exhibitions.

Local sightseeing

  • “La Piscine” - Roubaix

The Roubaix museum of art and industry, based in a former Art Déco-style swimming pool... a real surprise!

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Unearth a rare gem
How about going on the hunt for a bargain? At the flea markets of Lille and Amiens, a friendly atmosphere is guaranteed. The réderies, typical flea markets in Picardy, will give you the chance to roam through stalls chock-full of numerous ill-assorted items. The Lille flea market has become an “event” extending some hundred kilometres, attracting millions of visitors over the first weekend in September each year. The ideal occasion to combine the joys of bargain-hunting with a traditional meal of “moules frites” (mussels and chips).


May: Festival Jean de la Fontaine at Château Thierry

June-July: Ancient and Baroque Music Festival in Saint-Michel-en-Thiérache

June-September and December: Amiens Cathedral in Colours

September: Lille Flea Market

Exceptional cultural sites

1 Jules Verne’s house - Amiens
2 Château de Pierrefonds
3 The bay of Somme and the Somme battlefields
4 Belfry of the Hôtel de ville - Lille
5 Lille3000 events
6 “La Piscine” - Roubaix
7 Palais des Beaux-Arts - Lille
8 Citadel of Arras
9 Gothic Notre-Dame cathedral Amiens
10 Château de Coucy