Capturing the sea in Normandy

In Jullouville, Normandy, Eloi de La Monneraye takes photos of the sea. That seems natural, even mundane. And yet, every picture is a personal story

This secret place is my childhood playground. The exploration of my boyhood now takes place through my lens.

Here, the lights are constantly changing. The sea can be blue, green, black, or grey. It’s fascinating to create with these elements in constant mutation.

There is an organic element in this web of veins crisscrossing the sand of the beach with this back and forth movement of the tides, as regular and natural as breathing is to life.

Seaside attractions have a unique atmosphere with an unlikely mix of characters.

I like to photograph what’s going on in the background, not necessarily the beach or popular spots.

My favorite compositions are the ones that appear spontaneously, when ordinary happenings naturally form a painting.

The sky is always present at the seaside, always changing and unpredictable.