Object of desire: the baguette

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How can a type of bread become the symbol of a nation? It’s impossible to understand unless you have tasted a traditional French baguette. It is imitated the world over, but only in France can you find the genuine article. It has to be enjoyed in its natural environment. So what are you waiting for?

Name: traditional French baguette
Origins: uncertain
Size: between 55 and 65 cm
Weight: between 250 and 300 g
Close relations: the flûte(thicker), the ficelle (thinner), the sandwich and the open sandwich
Fans: all gluten-lovers
A date for the diary: the annual Best Baguette in Paris Competition

Signs of excellence:

  • returns to its original shape when pressed
  • crust: very crunchy, golden brown, not too thin
  • dough: light and soft, with irregular air bubbles
  • slight hint of salt and yeast when eaten
  • but most importantly, a very long queue outside the boulangerie