Le Printemps: The Place Where Everything Started

Le Printemps department store is synonymous with French luxury and opulence. For over 150 years, it has paved the way for the fashion industry with its offerings of the finest fashion, jewelry, and luxury items. Throughout its history, the store has been instrumental in driving the evolution of modern society and is a symbol of French culture and of the country’s commitment to excellence.

Always ahead of the curve, Le Printemps has a long history of firsts.
Jules and Augustine Jaluzot created Le Printemps in 1865. The couple was the first to invest in the neighborhood west of Paris. One year after its opening, Le Printemps became the first department store to introduce the concept of sales and for the first time in France, in 1874, it was the first department store to have modern elevators. Ten years later, in 1883, it was the first public space in Paris to move from gas and candlelight to electricity.

In an effort to bring the Parisian sense of fashion to the different cities in France in 1912, the first store outside Paris opened in Deauville. The very first men’s store opened in 1925 and in 1933, Le Printemps had the first ready-to-wear collection from great fashion designer Paul Poiret. Le Printemps created the first ski run on the roof in Paris in 1964 and in 1975 Le Printemps became the first store listed as a national historic landmark for its Façade and dome.

More than a department store, Le Printemps revolutionized French society.
In 1882, it implemented sweeping social changes by introducing more attractive salary packages creating a shift in the pay gap between men and women with equal salaries for both genders. Through investments in training and development, the success of Le Printemps was solidified by the end of the 19th century.

Today the store continues to forge ahead and is the first luxury store to dedicate an entire floor to circular consumption. With vintage luxury, second-hand, buy-back, and resale service. In addition, Le Printemps launched its new sustainable label, “Unis vers le beau”, to showcase the ethical practices of brands and to help customers make more sustainable choices.

In 2022 Le Printemps transformed itself once again. It changed all visual identity to the color green to reflect its commitment to sustainability and to create a unique living environment with fashion, beauty, home, and new food concepts.