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Chantilly. A mythical, majestical town in the region of Hauts de France (Northern France) just twenty minutes north of Paris. The epicentre of the town is the Domaine de Chantilly - a treasure trove of cultural and natural delights.

Chateau de Chantilly: treasure of the 19th century

In the heart of the domain is the Chateau de Chantilly (one of the few furnished castles of France) and the Musee Conde. The museum houses the intact treasures of the 19th century prince, Henri d’Orleans, Duke of Aumale and has the largest collection of renaissance paintings outside of the Louvre (External link) .

chantilly domaine

Chantilly's Garden

Surrounding the chateau is 115 hectares of exquisite gardens, the result of several creations according to the fashion of each period in time. There is the French style garden created by Andre Lenotre - with its exceptional mirrored water features - in the 17th century, the Anglo-Chinese garden in the 18th century and the English garden in the 19th century.

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