Talent to follow: Sébastien Bouillet, chocolatier-pastry chef in Lyon

Sébastien Bouillet, the Lyonnais chocolatier-pastry chef creates one of his gourmet desserts, made with cream and babas au rhum.

Lyonnais chef Sébastien Bouillet welcomes us into the kitchen of his chocolate and pastry shop in the Croix Rousse neighborhood of Lyon. Attention: do not read while hungry, drooling may commence!

Sébastien is a chocolatier-pastry chef, based in Lyon's Croix Rousse district. After having trained with some of the Meilleurs Ouvriers de France (an award bestowed upon extraordinary craftsmen), he rejoined the family bakery in 2000.

Red praline cake tort and baba au rhum, his star desserts

There, he began to develop his own original and modern creations. His passion is to reinterpret and subvert traditional desserts, like tart à la praline rouge (red praline tort) or baba au rhum.

His work comes from his own instincts, as well as the gourmet practices that made him a reference in the culinary world.

Sébastien Bouillet—a name to remember!