Val de Loire According to Paralympic athlete Marie-Amélie Le Fur

La championne paralympique Marie-Amélie Le Fur nous fait découvrir son Val de Loire.

Marie-Amélie Le Fur, triple Paralympic athletics champion and president of the French Paralympic and Sports Committee, makes us discover her Loire Valley. From the castle of Blois to the deer populating the park of Chambord through the banks of the Loire and gastronomic specialties, this star athlete and nature lover reveals her favorite things about her region.

She has traveled the world, collecting medals in Beijing, London, Rio, and Berlin. But it is the Loire Valley, and more particularly the Loir-et-Cher department, that wins first place in her heart. An unbreakable bond to her region of origin: "This is the department in which I was born and raised, had my accident, rebuilt myself and this is where I decided to make a life for myself"

Blois, a City close to nature

To listen to her describe her region, we understand why she made it her home base. As an animal lover, she particularly appreciates the proximity of the forest and its inhabitants which are deer and other fallow deer. A real break from everyday life that the champion enjoys whenever she can.

When it comes to her city, Blois, she is unrelenting. Between the castle, the gardens, the gourmet restaurants, and the banks of the Loire, Marie-Amélie Le Fur is not stingy with advice to discover the city. And for early risers, she even advises sitting along the banks of the Loire to admire the sun rising over the old town.

A true Epicurean, Marie-Amélie Le Fur has found the perfect recipe to reconcile gastronomic specialties of the Loire Valley and the demands of being an athlete. In order to enjoy without hesitation the tarte tatin (apple tarte), created in Romorantin, the charcuterie of Sologne or the many wines of the vineyards of the Loire Valley. The Paralympic athlete recommends putting on her sneakers and going for a run on the banks of the Loire. Another way to discover the longest river in France, which also lends itself to bike tour.

Chambord As a Headliner

Finally, it is difficult to mention the Loire Valley without mentioning the castle of Chambord For Marie-Amélie Le Fur, this jewel of the Renaissance is undeniably associated with the nature that surrounds it. To the question "If you close your eyes, what do you see? The champion athlete answers without hesitation "a doe at the castle of Chambord". A promise of wonder of which the Loire Valley has the secret.

Getting to the Loire Valley