Tourism Labels

Some labels guarantee you authenticity, uniqueness or the accessibility of the places for your visits in France.

Plus Beaux Villages de France

The Plus Beaux Villages de France association brings together 156 villages across France, well known for their remarkable heritage. Labelled villages have to comply with a quality charter.

To enjoy the use of this label villages have to justify a maximum population of 2,000 inhabitants and to possess at least 2 protected sites or monuments (classified or registered). This request to be labelled has to be approved by deliberation of the municipal council (requires a collective commitment to the proposed project).

Once these first requirements are fulfilled, and after an on-site assessment, the mayor of the village will then sign the Quality Charter which officially recognises the entry of the village into the association.

Tourisme & Handicap

Created in 2001, the Tourisme & Handicap label has the intention of giving people accurate, objective and consistent information about the accessibility of tourist sites and facilities in regards to the 4 handicap types (motor, mental, auditory and visual) and to develop an adapted tourist offer.

European Eco-label

What is the European Eco-label?

Created in 1992, the European Eco-label is the only official ecological label that can be used in all of the European Union member states. This label is in relation to products and services.

This ecological label takes the following into consideration, “the lifecycle of a product from the time of material extraction, fabrication, distribution and use just until its re-use or it’s disposed after use” just as much as the quality and usage.

What purpose does this serve?

The European Eco-Label distinguishes products or services that respect the environment. The label verifies the ability to use the products and that there are minor environmental impacts delivered over the lifetime of the product.

The labelled products and/or services are considered to be in compliance with precise criteria mentioned in the applicable standards for each category of products and services.

This label responds to the necessity from a lack of information on the ecological quality of products and services.

In France, 180 accommodation establishments are European Eco-label certified.

Blue Flag Beaches – Le Pavillon Bleu

The Blue Flag Beach is an eco-label comprising of beaches and marinas that make concerted environmental efforts.

It’s awarded annually on a voluntary basis, from 4 groups of criteria: environmental education and information, water quality, environmental management, safety and services.

The list of these labels is certainly not comprehensive; therefore don’t hesitate to make enquiries.