Saint-Etienne International Design Biennial

Ausstellung Work in Progress

Voted a Creative City for Design by UNESCO, Saint-Etienne is well worth a visit to discover its Cité du Design, which comes to life every two years in March during the International Design Biennial. The next event is scheduled for 2025!

Whether you're a professional or a design enthusiast on the lookout for new trends, the Cité du design welcomes you to its flagship event, built around exhibitions, conferences and workshops in a festive atmosphere.
The Biennial has been on the international design agenda since 1998, attracting experts from all over the world. It is an ideal opportunity for UNESCO's creative cities to come together and explore the challenges facing society.

Four months of bifurcations in design

For four months, from 6 April to 31 July 2022, the 12th edition of the Design Biennial promises to stir up the imagination of young and old alike by making the world of design accessible to everyone. With "Bifurcations" as its main theme, the exhibitions will seek to encourage design to set off on an adventure: taking the right paths, choosing what is essential, what really counts, in the design of everyday objects, but also in our relationship with living things and society.

Admission to the Cité du Design is free on European Museum Night.