Exhibition: ‘Marie-Antoinette: Metamorphoses of an Image’ at the Conciergerie in Paris

Former royal prison and magnificent palace on the banks of the Seine in Paris, the Conciergerie is set to host an exhibition dedicated to Marie-Antoinette – who spent her final days there – from 16 October 2019 to the end of January 2020.

Haughty queen, fashion icon, woman of culture, foreign traitress, teenage heroine, caring mother or martyr of the French Revolution... but who was the real Marie-Antoinette?

The most commented historical figure in books, biographies and films, most represented by contemporary artists, the most recycled on furniture, dolls, in manga, novels, commercials and video games, the Queen of France and her tragic destiny still haunt the walls of the Conciergerie in Paris.

Images of a queen with a tragic destiny

Imprisoned in 1793 before being guillotined, Marie-Antoinette will be (re)honoured from 16 October 2019 as part of a major exhibition reflecting on the many evolutions of her image through the centuries and countries, including imagery from Sofia Coppola’s film which captures her spirit. Writings, portraits, objects and videos will try to explain the global fascination with this historic figure.


La Conciergerie - 2, boulevard du Palais, 75001 Paris
From 16 October 2019 to the end of January 2020
Full price: €9. Reduced: €7. Free for under 18, 18-25 (citizens or residents of the EU), disabled person and his companion.

The Conciergerie in Paris