‘(E) motion’ installation by Wim Wenders at the Grand Palais, Paris

Wim Wenders presents a monumental cinematographic installation conceived from his films, projected on the grandiose structure of the nave of the Grand Palais in Paris. It’s set to be a magical, immersive experience to enjoy in the evenings from 18–22 April 2019.

An ‘Unidentified Plastic Object’ is how German director Wim Wenders describes his monumental installation at the Grand Palais. Expect the extraordinary: the grand glass and steel structure will take the form of cinema screen for a totally immersive experience. The film will be projected in a loop, to music chosen by the artist.

During these evenings, visitors can wander around the nave and contemplate Wenders’ images reproduced in vast size by projection technology known as ‘mapping’: using 12 4K projectors (ultra high-definition) and covering a large part of the architecture of the nave (over its entire width at 270 degrees). This is a unique device in Europe, designed and patented by workshop ATHEM, the event’s scenographer.

A cinematographic kaleidoscope allows the viewer to immerse themselves and contemplate the visual universe of one of the greatest contemporary filmmakers in a new way, using poetic but universally recognised language. The thematic threads are ‘movement’ and ‘the search for lost meaning’.

Come and experience Wim Wenders’ cinema in the nave of the Grand Palais

All of Wenders’ cinema is based on movement, from Paris Texas to Wings of Desire. Characters and camera are always on the road, travelling, crossing landscapes and destinies, sometimes wandering. Staunchly European, Wenders includes in this artistic experience a reflection on borders and freedom of movement, topics of great current concern to Europeans.

This dreamlike installation allows visitors to ‘live’ in Wim Wenders’ cinema – and experience the awe-inspiring 13,500 square metres of the Grand Palais nave.

The Grand Palais in Paris