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  • dateFrom 6 July to 8 September 2024
  • placeGetting to Nantes

 CLACK - Chama Chereau  - LVAN
© CLACK - Chama Chereau - LVAN

Reading time: 0 minPublished on 6 March 2024

With more than hundred works of art spread over more 20km and linked together by a green line on the ground, Le Voyage à Nantes has been part of Nantes' cultural landscape since 2012. Every summer, the course is reopened and enhanced to give the city and its surroundings an artistic facelift. The festival takes place in Nantes in july and august, 7 days a week. Join us from 6 July to 8 September 2024 for the next edition of Voyage à Nantes. On the programme: ephemeral installations, works of art and convivial places to rediscover the city.

Organised along a green line snaking through the city, the Voyage à Nantes takes visitors on an artistic journey throughout the summer months. Artists and creators, gardeners and cooks are all invited to express themselves in public spaces, and with 60 'stages' linking the entire cultural programme, the city will feel even more crazy than usual!

The range and contrast is vast: there are works hidden on street corners, impressive heritage landmarks, city must-sees and unknown treasures, adornments of historic alleyways and contemporary architecture, urban viewpoints and incredible sunset vistas over the estuary.

Since 2012, le Voyage à Nantes has been shaking up the city: for two months, creativity has been infusing the public space with temporary or permanent works of art. The urban, artistic, sensitive and poetic route along the Green Line is being reactivated: artists, designers and gardeners are invited to express themselves and take a fresh look at the city. During the summer event, most of the sites are open 7 days a week, from 10am to 7pm, with free access. Some of the works in the public space can be seen day and night.

A 2024 edition full of surprises

The 2024 edition will offer some sixty proposals for discovering contemporary and monumental works on the green line : - exhibitions by Pierrick Sorin (Musée d'arts) and Caroline Mesquita (HAB Galerie), - squares reinvented on the theme of trees (Graslin, Royale, Cours Cambronne) - the artistic enhancement of Nantes' remarkable trees - Fabrice Hyber's artistic approach (Jardin des Plantes) - the transformation of the Wallace fountains (by Nantes-based illustrator Cyril Pedrosa) - the new organisation of the Potager de la Cantine (by Nantes-based Atelier Vecteur) - ... and other artists - Collaboration between the main higher education establishments in Nantes (ENSBA (art), ENSA (architecture), Ecole de design...

A constant source of wonder

Take advantage of the Voyage à Nantes to discover the surroundings of the city, following the various stages of the Voyage dans le vignoble, from Nantes to Clisson, or the Estuaire route, which offers cruises from Nantes to the port of Saint-Nazaire. During the crossing, you can admire the works of internationally renowned artists in dialogue with the landscape.

And don't miss the Voyage à Nantes' permanent works of art, permanently installed in the city, some of which have become true emblems of Nantes, such as Les Anneaux by Daniel Buren and Patrick Bouchain, which decorate the Quai des Antilles.

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