Follow This Expert: Charlotte Le Gallais, Winemaker in Champagne

Charlotte Le Gallais works with sustainable viticulture methods to produce champagne on her family’s estate in Boursault.

We followed Charlotte Le Gallais, a young winemaker who produces her namesake champagne on her family’s estate in Boursault, in the Marne Valley.

Charlotte and her father Hervé head the family champagne business. Using sustainable winemaking methods, they create magnificently unique and expressive vintages. Since 2016, they have been entertaining wine tours in an effort to share their passion.

Touring the grounds, she describes how champagne is produced. From the vineyards to the press, and from the casks to the cellar.

Wine Tourism at the Heart of the Château in Boursault

Situated on the left bank of the Marne River, the Boursault château estate enjoys magnificent views of the valley. Here, father and daughter organize tours of the Le Gallais Champagne-making process.

The Le Gallais tour focuses on history, education, and gastronomy. This tailor-made adventure takes place in an exceptional setting, allowing visitors to participate in the process—to feel, touch, and taste what being a winemaker is really about.

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