Object of desire: the espadrille

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This is the most popular fashion shoe in the world, as it is iconic. Plain or striped, flat or wedge, canvas or leather - there are infinte variations of this ultra-simple sandal with its braided sole. Espadrilles embody the casual chic of south-west France, from the Pyrenees to the Basque Country and are soon to be seen on your feet too.

Name: espadrille
Close relatives: sandals
Origins: hundreds of years ago in various parts of the Pyrenees
Fans: Picasso and Dali, Bacall and Bogart, Gainsbourg and Birkin (and all followers of fashion from the Basque Country to The Hamptons)

Signs of excellence:

  • a woven jute rope sole
  • the Made in France label. Even better if made in the Pyrenees or the Basque Country
  • irregular stitches as hand-sewn
  • reinforced stitching in the toes

Getting to Basque Country