Winter in the Jura: Stimulate your senses in the mountains


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Le bien-être passe par la nature dans le Jura, avec notamment de nombreux itinéraires pour s'adonner à la randonnée en raquette.
© © Jack Carrot/Jura Tourisme - Le bien-être passe par la nature dans le Jura, avec notamment de nombreux itinéraires pour s'adonner à la randonnée en raquette.

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Luxuriate in the sound of silence, tickle your taste buds, relish the majestic views… release your senses to the art of well-being in the Jura mountains.

Drink in the views

Wherever you look there are tall, striking fir trees, the green foliage contrasts beautifully with a frosty white coat of snow. A snowshoe hike in the countryside is incredibly peaceful. This gentle mode of travel makes it possible to enjoy nature in all its winter glory without putting on skis. The Grande Traversée du Jura is a 117-km route linking Métabief to Giron via the Haut-Jura Regional Nature Park. It’s the perfect way to enjoy a walk for a few hours or even a hike for a few days with accommodation available along this enticing trail.
The Grande Traversée du Jura with snowshoes

Zero gravity at ThermaSalina

200 million years ago, the Jura area was covered by the ocean. When the sea receded, it left a passage of natural salt water which flows through the ThermaSalina complex. Combine a relaxing treatment with a soothing session in the hammam and unwind in the natural water pools. Experience weightlessness in water which is denser in mineral salts than the Dead Sea. Benefits include muscle relaxation, reduced stress and improved quality of sleep. ThermaSalina

Taste a "boite chaude"

The star of this typically Jura dish is Mont d'Or, a cheese produced exclusively in Haut-Doubs during the winter. You can recognise this legendary cheese amongst thousands thanks to its round spruce wood case. It’s traditional to sprinkle it with Jura wine, bake it and eat it straight from the box. This delicious boite chaude, baked cheese box, is scrumptious paired with Jura specialties such as Morteau sausage, Haut-Doubs ham or brési, a dried, smoked beef. You’re guaranteed a taste sensation. Recipe for the boite chaude

Savour the aromas in the "Cathedral du Comté"

It was a daring concept to transform an old military fort into a cheese cellar for the famous Comté. Cheese-maker Marcel Petite came up with the idea more than 50 years ago. The transformation breathed new life into the fort which is perched 1100m up a mountain. Its cave buried far below the earth, is ideal for ageing cheese. A visit to this perfect Cathedral of Comté reveals the secrets and skills required to make the legendary Comté. There are some 300 metres of tunnels in which around 100,000 wheels of Comté is stacked and aged. An aromatic tour is guaranteed. Comté Marcel Petite (French only)

The sound of silence

No neighbours to disturb you here! On the snowy plateau of Retord at Plans des Hotonnes, the igloo of Jean-Jacques is an unusual retreat where you can be at one with nature. Before enjoying the silence in this snow covered den, build up your strength with a fabulously tasty fondue served at the adjoining cottage. Don’t worry though, the igloo is equipped with heating. Take a dog sled ride to complete the adventure. Gîte Les Pelaz (French only)

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