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Reading time: 0 minPublished on 4 January 2023, updated on 16 April 2024

You're planning your perfect trip to France...Travel arrangements? Check. Itinerary? Check. Accomodations? Check. Insurance? Check. What could you possibly be missing? Wifi!

People often wonder how they can have easy internet access while traveling in France. Sure you could pay an arm and a leg for roaming data, perhaps try to buy a local sim card, or maybe even stand outside of Starbucks in an attempt to jump on their network...or you can let Travel Wifi make your life easier.

Created by four French men in 2013, the company provides an easy solution for tourists in France -- mobile Wifi hotspot rental. One hotspot can supply Wifi and unlimited data for up to 10 different devices. With prices starting at 6€ per day, Travel Wifi offers an easy and affordable way to make sure you're always connected.

Book your hotspot on before your arrival and Travel Wifi will deliver your hotspot anywhere in France (hotels, apartments, post offices, etc). Your device will be waiting for you at your specified pick-up point and voilà you'll have wifi instantaneously! If you'd prefer to test the product first, feel free to go directly to their Paris office, save yourself the delivery fee, and maybe even enjoy a coffee with the Travel Wifi team.

If you don't have the time to book before your trip, not to worry! You can also find Travel Wifi device rentals at the following locations:

  • CDG and Orly airport
  • Galeries Lafayette
  • Versailles Palace
  • Disneyland Paris

No more getting lost and practicing your French on the streets. No more going through the hassle of changing your sim card. Instead, you'll be able to navigate your trip and have access to instant information, post and share your experiences with your loved ones in real time, and have an overall more enjoyable trip.

So are ready for your adventure in France with Travel WiFi? Bon voyage!

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