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Skoky do vody na pozadí Le Grand Palais
© Paris 2024/Alain Gadoffre - Skoky do vody na pozadí Le Grand Palais

Reading time: 0 minPublished on 20 October 2023

The best in world sport. The finest France. Paris 2024 will be the biggest event ever to be hosted by France, and the whole world is invited. Twenty-eight Olympic sports, 206 nations, and an incredible 304 events. Paris 2024 is all set to host an unbridled celebration for the whole of France – and the world. In the towns and cities, across TV screens and on the internet, everywhere will be swept up in the celebrations.

Paris’ iconic monuments in the spotlight

The games are poised to be an inclusive celebration of art, architecture, gastronomy, culture, fashion and music. Moreover, spectators will see sport’s finest, showcased in locations not normally seen. All kinds of sporting prowess will be set against picturesque backdrops – among them celebrated Parisian monuments, others to be feted for the first time.

Volleyball Copyright Stephane Kempinaire Paris 2024 Volleyball in front of the Eiffel Tower Copyright Stephane Kempinaire Paris 2024

Triathlon and open water swimming will be set against the iconic [Eiffel Tower](/en/paris/article/eiffel-tower "The Eiffel Tower"). Beach volleyball, judo and wrestling will be set against the Champ de Mars. The historic site, exhibition hall and museum complex The Grand Palais will set the scene for fencing and Taekwondo. The familiar sight of picnickers and sunbathing at the Esplanade des Invalides will be replaced by feats of archery. The equestrian world’s sporting royalty and pentathlon competitions will be honoured at the Chateau de Versailles").

Paris Olympics 2024 - trampolinist at the Grand Palais -Stephane Kempinaire/Paris 2024 Paris Olympics 2024 - trampolinist at the Grand Palais copyright Stephane Kempinaire/Paris 2024

Where in the world …

Place de la Concorde in Paris is set to become a spectacular multi-sport venue, showcasing heritage and bringing exceptional images to viewers worldwide.

Bordering 10 arrondissements, the iconic Seine river, which joins Paris’ historic heart to the Seine-Saint-Denis department, will become a focal point of festivities for outdoor lovers and sport fans. For centuries, its banks have attracted poets, architects and artists; now, travellers will be drawn by shows, concerts and live entertainment.

The Seine may not be renowned for its surf, but [Teahupo’o in Tahiti](/en/tahiti-french-polynesia/moodboard/thrills-and-spills-in-tahiti "Thrills and spills in Tahiti!"), home to one of the world’s iconic and dangerous waves certainly is! Olympic surfing events will be held in this overseas collective. Add an over-water bungalow stay into the mix while you’re there. Consider a visit to The Three Waterfalls (Les Trois Cascades) in north east Tahiti. Or, get up close and personal with marine life in The Huahine Natural Aquarium.

The Teahupo’o waves are famous for the Tahiti Pro Surf competition.

Olympic water events will be held at The Paris 2024 Aquatic Centre in Saint-Denis. While you’re there, stop by the [Basilica of Saint-Denis](/en/paris/article/9-undiscovered-experiences-paris-0 "9 undiscovered and offbeat museums and visits experiences ideas in Paris"), a medieval abbey church completed in 1144. For stunning views of Saint-Denis, visit the nearby Parc du Colorado.

Regions in focus

From major cities to far-flung villages, the Olympic Games will offer a burst of energy that will ricochet across France. Eight different cities will host football matches. Marseille’s Roucas Blanc Marina will proudly host all sailing events.

Marina De Marseille-Paris 2024 Populous Luxigon Competitors at the Marine de Marseille (top and bottom photos © Paris 2024/Populous/Luxigon).

Some 500 towns and cities throughout France have been awarded the ‘Terre de Jeux 2024’ label – many of which will be Games Preparation Centres: bases for national delegations, and home to fan zones, uniting people in celebration of countless sporting achievements and of course harnessing the energy of the people that celebrate the Olympic Torch Relay.

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