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Hidden by main boulevards or in neighborhoods where you wouldn't expect such beautiful scenery, often formerly inhabited by workers, these lesser-known streets are a fabulous witness to history. Here are some of the most beautiful hidden streets, passages, alleys, and villas in Paris:

Rue des Thermopyles

In the heart of the city, this charming, traffic-free street reveals an intimate Paris in a lively district. It's an island of peace and greenery in the heart of the 14th arrondissement. Hidden behind their wisteria and ivy, the pretty little houses of this passageway offer their colourful doors and shutters to the astonished gaze of the rare passer-by.

Villa Dietz-Monnin

It's not for nothing that the 16th arrondissement has the reputation of being the most bourgeois in Paris. The Auteuil district is home to many villas and private lanes lined with elegant little houses. The small houses in the Villa Dietz-Monnin hamlet are much sought after today, but were originally designed for workers.

Rue Crémieux

A stone's throw from the Gare de Lyon (in the 12th arrondissement), Rue Crémieux, with its small two-storey terraced houses and colourful facades, is one of the capital's most beautiful and unusual streets. Its photogenic charm has not escaped the attention of film-makers and Instagrammers, sometimes to the annoyance of residents seeking privacy and tranquillity.

Villa Léandre

In the heart of Montmartre, Villa Léandre is a cobbled cul-de-sac lined with small Anglo-Saxon-style houses. A true haven of peace, it is often overlooked by tourists... much to the delight of its inhabitants and the few astute explorers who can enjoy the place without fear of the hordes of tourists.

Rue de la Mouzaïa

This time, in the 19th arrondissement of Paris (right next to the Buttes Chaumont), there's a street, or rather an entire district, called Rue de la Mouzaïa, which is a veritable little corner of paradise. You'll find pedestrian streets, small one- or two-storey houses and courtyards planted with trees and flowers... In short, a village atmosphere in the heart of Paris that's well worth a discreet detour!

Recommendations and advice Looking for an unusual and authentic Paris, one that seems to have come straight out of an Amélie Poulain film? Take a trip down one of the many little country lanes that are hidden away in the various districts of the capital. To have the chance to discover these sites, as well as being well-informed, the best thing to do is to explore the city on foot or by soft means of transport (bike, scooter...). What's more, once you're there, we recommend that you respect the living conditions of the locals, their privacy and the integrity of the site (zero waste, etc.). Enjoy your visit to this Paris off the beaten track!

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