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Welcome to Normandy and Paris Region! It is in these regions and nowhere else that you can admire marvelous Impressionist paintings while also enjoying the instantaneous emotions that inspired their artists.

The Impressionism Movement in Paris and Normandy

It was here that the art movement that revolutionized the history of art came into being and blossomed. Enamored of nature and the advances in modern life, the Impressionists set up their easels in forests and gardens along the rivers Seine and Oise, on the Norman coasts, and in the heart of Paris’s districts where modernity was at its height. These settings and landscapes, which for the most part remain unspoilt, still bear the stamp of the greatest Impressionist artists, their precursors and their heirs: Daubigny, Boudin, Monet, Renoir, Degas, Morisot, Pissarro, Caillebotte, Sisley, Van Gogh, Luce and many others.

Musee des Impressionnismes de Giverny Copyright E._Tessier Musee des Impressionnismes de Giverny Normandy, North west of France Copyright E.Tessier

Take on an Impressionist journey

Today these regions invite you on a series of Impressionist journeys on which to experience many joyous moments. Admire the changing sky and light as you gaze out to sea and recharge your batteries in the cool of a garden.

Côte d’Albatre Normandy France © Vincent Rustuel Côte d’Albatre Normandy France © Vincent Rustuel

Relive the artistic excitement of Paris and Montmartre and the authenticity of the period’s bohemian culture. Enjoy a certain Impressionist joie de vivre in company: a “déjeuner sur l’herbe” with family, or a glass of wine with friends on the banks of the Oise or at an open-air café on the Seine. Be moved by the beauty of the paintings that fill the museums and enter the private lives of the artists, exploring their gardens and homes-cum-studios. Our Impressionist adventures offer endless inspiring moments. Just choose the ones you wish to enjoy!

Veules-les-Roses Normandy France © Marc Lerouge Veules-les-Roses Normandy France © Marc Lerouge

If you fly to Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport or to Paris Orly Airport, you’ll either have to rent a car to travel to Normandy or take a taxi to one of the Paris’ train stations. It’s also possible and easy to travel from Paris center to Normandy by train (direct train from Paris-Saint-Lazare station to the train station of Vernon-Giverny).

With wild beaches, rolling countryside, romantic chateaux and much more to discover, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Normandy is often referred to as one of the most beautiful regions in France. There are plenty of hidden and not-so-hidden gems to explore in Normandy.

Normandy is the perfect destination for history buffs, culture vultures and nature lovers. Follow in the footsteps of William the Conqueror, walk along the D-Day Beaches or admire the Impressionist landscapes. Your bucket list should also include the Mont-Saint-Michel, Rouen and lots more… Home to camembert and calvados, Normandy is a real foodie delight!

New in the region Normandy

The Marcel Proust Museum in Cabourg

Commemorating 100 years since Marcel Proust won the coveted Prix Goncourt literary prize, The Villa du Temps Retrouve (Marcel Proust Museum) will open in 2021 in Cabourg. Proust's favourite holiday retreat and the inspiration for his famous novel, A la Recherche du Temps Perdu (In Search of Lost Time). The Museum will showcase the Belle Époque period at the end of the 19th century and the history of the Flowered Coast(Cote Fleurie) through Proust's eyes.

Cycle the Seine, Paris to Le Havre

France's is the World second most popular cycling destination (after Germany) and aspires to be the first within five years.

With this in mind, a brand new 430km cycle route, La Seine a Velo (or La seine river by bike) is launching in spring 2021 which will link Paris to Le Havre and Deauville in Normandy. Following the course of the river Seine, the cycle route will pass through Giverny, Les Andely's, Rouen, Jumieges and Honfleur and is suitable for cyclists of all levels and ages.

Welcome to Monet & Friends show in Sydney

Monet and friends

Walk in Monet’s footsteps and his Impressionists friends by visiting the fantastic new digital art Exhibition taking place in Sydney: Monet & Friends Life, Light and Colour. To Book, click here ![Monet and friends] And Learn more on Normandy here!


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