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A thousand miles from your everyday life, in the heart of the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans, discover amazing and unusual new locations: the French overseas destinations welcome you with open arms!

Discovering overseas France: a unique and unforgettable experience.

A guaranteed change of scenery for nature lovers with lush vegetation, spectacular panoramic views, forests, mountains and waterfalls, nature reserves and parks, overseas France will bring you in tune to nature's harmonious pace.

Young couples seeking a heavenly honeymoon will be utterly beguiled by the white sandy beaches and the turquoise lagoons. The authentic way of life, the festivities and traditions steeped in the history of the local people will delight both culture and food lovers!

Each of the overseas destinations offers activities for all to enjoy in their breathtaking locations. Hiking trails, fauna and flora, sea beds, volcanoes and oceans are available for all hikers, scuba divers and water sports fans to explore.

Leave with peace of mind knowing that a complete change of scenery awaits you!

Ideal for when the European winter begins, French overseas destinations have all the convenience and level of service of France, only it is much hotter than the homeland will ever be at this time of year! Each of the countries’ natural resources and heritage are preserved through national regulation.

Health facilities and public safety are assured, the Euro is the official currency (with the exception of the pacific territories) and air services and airport facilities are welcoming of international tourism. Everything is there for an amazing experience!

Plan to go for a few days or longer and experience true escapism on a French holiday.

Did you know?

Often named by the acronym DROM-COM, the ‘Overseas Departments and Regions – Overseas Collectivities’ refer collectively to all land under French sovereignty outside mainland France:

The French Overseas Territories cover almost 120 000 km² and are home to more than 2.6 million people.

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