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Dominant la Vallée de la Rance, Dinan est une ville marquée par des siècles d’Histoire. Les remparts ceinturant la cité rappellent fièrement l’époque médiévale. À quelques kilomètres de Saint-Malo et du Mont-Saint-Michel, vous serez forcément sous le charme de cette petite cité de caractère !

You will without doubt be charmed by this quaint little town, which is just a few kilometers from Saint-Malo and Mont-Saint-Michel Dinan, with its view of the Vallée de la Rance, is a city marked by centuries of historical events. The city wall protecting the city center is a proud memorial to the Middle Ages.

The medieval town of Dinan

Dinan has preserved the amazing heritage from its eventful past, so when visiting Dinan, you will experience a completely different atmosphere. To this day, the medieval town attracts countless visitors who come to admire the beautiful houses with stained wood paneling and to be fascinated by fairy tales and legends.

From the 14th to the 18th century, there were numerous artisans of all kinds in Dinan: weavers, tanners ... Today handicrafts still make its mark on the city's atmosphere. On your walk around the city's heart you will get many surprises - for example, take your time to admire the glass blowing or gilding shop windows, which gives the city life in the narrow cobbled streets.

During your visit, do not miss the castle from the 14th century, enthroned high above the city and the Vallée de la Rance. Today the castle, where history and adventure has taken its toll, houses historical collections and art collections.

Troubadours, knight tournaments and delights

Every two years the troubadours ensures a festive atmosphere in the city. During the celebration Fête des Remparts you can relive history, thanks to fair virgins and strong knights dressed in clothing of their time. Knight tournaments, a large medieval market and an impressive parade sends you back to the middle ages.

Moreover, do not miss the Basilique Saint-Sauveur, where four architectural styles is combined with sculptures of all sorts. If you a food lover, it is also unthinkable to leave the city without having set the teeth in the delicious thin pastries Crêpe Dentelle.

Vallée de la Rance in Brittany

A trip along the river Rance, which stretches over 100 km and alternates between nature and culture, is a pleasant experience. The river is very popular among fishermen and is especially known for its tidal power station and estuary with the many bays and harbors.

Vallée de la Rance is also known for its rich nature and has an exceptionally rich fauna and flora – something that will undoubtedly enthuse every nature enthusiast. Architecture enthusiasts should explore les malouinières, the distinctive houses one finds in the country, which was built by the ship owners of the past. They have several fascinating surprises for architecture lovers.

Wherever you go and whatever you are visiting - forest, water, chapels, castle ruins – you will see the unusual landscape, peace and quiet of Vallée de la Rance. On foot, by bike, by boat or on horseback – you can experience the treasures of the vallée exactly as it suits you.

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