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La piscine d'eau de mer chauffée du Thalassa Sea & Spa Le Touquet.
© Abaca Corporate/Jacques-Yves Gucia - La piscine d'eau de mer chauffée du Thalassa Sea & Spa Le Touquet.

Reading time: 0 minPublished on 27 February 2024, updated on 15 April 2024

Are you feeling at the end of your rope and have just 24 hours to try and revive yourself? It's possible! Come to Thalassa Sea & Spa Le Touquet for a real break. Energy, serenity, detox, radiance, recovery: what's your key word? Let us help you find the break that's right for you, and take a deep breath!

5pm: press "pause

s soon as you arrive, it's time to take possession of your room. If you're coming from Paris, the TGV journey takes just 2h30! Just enough time to browse through the two magazines you bought at the station... The Novotel Thalasso et Spa du Touquet is located directly on the beach, with your feet in the water. To get you in the mood, take a moment to sit in the hotel bar and watch the tide roll in: the moment has just begun.

8pm: panoramic dinner at the Maison Mer restaurant

It's a well-known fact: the sea air makes you hungry! Head for Maison Mer, the hotel restaurant. It's the perfect place to feast on fish and seafood (with a sea bream ceviche followed by a sea bass cooked to perfection, for example) or regional specialities. And as a bonus, a breathtaking panoramic view of the seafront!

10 p.m.: room with unobstructed view

Tired of the journey and suffering from the soothing effect of the iodine air? It's time to head back upstairs to your sea-view room. The bay window lets you admire the ballet of the tides as you go to bed. Enchanted by the scent of sea spray and lulled by the sound of the waves, you're about to spend a most restful night.

11:30 am: time for a seaweed wrap

The aim of this second treatment is to absorb the seaweed's mineral salts and trace elements through every pore. The hydrotherapist massages you with warm mud before wrapping you in a film and covering you with a heated blanket. The aim: to eliminate toxins and optimize absorption. The perfect opportunity to fall into the arms of Morpheus while you wait for the magic to happen. Once you've detoxified and re-energized, take a breath of fresh sea air on the white sandy beach. Se-re-ni-té!

1 p.m.: lunch and even more treatments

After all these emotions, it's time to regain our strength: we head for a light but tasty lunch. This is followed by an active stroll on the beach and a session of self-massage and "respirology". This deep-breathing method lets you let go and anchor yourself in the present moment.

To round off your stay in style, enjoy a massage under the marine shower, the "rolls" of thalasso treatment. Both manual and marine, this warm seawater massage glides over the skin and deeply relaxes the whole body. A daydream with a divine ending!

Recommendations and advice: During your stay, take a walk on the beach to protect the environment. How can you do it? Simply by bringing along a small bag and a glove. All you have to do is pick up any garbage that crosses your path, and help preserve the coastline in your own way.

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