Sneek-peak of the Domaine Royal de Marly museum

After three years of work, the museum of the Domaine Royal de Marly will reopen on November 30, 2019. With a new name, a new visit path and a new concept, this museum illustrates all the richness of the French way of life. In this preview, dives into the unique atmosphere of this heritage, indissociable from the Palace of Versailles, located only a few kilometers from Paris.

Welcome to one of the temples of the French way of life. Architecture, decorative arts and traditions: the Domaine Royal de Marly reflects the life of the Court of Louis XIV. Built in 1679 by sovereign to escape the obligations of Versailles, the estate allowed him to express his personal tastes without the pressure of etiquette.

Hunting parties, concerts, walks far from the Versailles etiquette

Always associated with this exceptional place, the coveted Marlys gathered a few hand-picked guests, who shared the King's favorite activities for a few days. The program of festivities of the time included: hunting parties, concerts, strolls, balls and walks away from the official life of Versailles.

It is this atmosphere, both majestic and intimate, that the museum of the Domaine Royal de Marly intends to bring to life. As privileged guests of the King, visitors immerse themselves in the world of this jewel of French architecture, starting the exhibition with the estate and its gardens. This is an essential first step to understand the importance of the Domaine de Marly in relation to the Palace of Versailles, and a great opportunity to discover the Marly Machine and its gigantic mechanism that supplied the gardens with water, a system coveted throughout Europe at the time.

The entire exhibition is devoted to the atmosphere that reigned at the Domaine de Marly and its growing importance as an example of royal power. During the visit, you will discover all the historical figures that have marked the history of the estate through their presence. From Madame de Maintenon to Princess Palatine and the Duke of Orleans, Marly has become a hub of influence, imposing the singularity of its uses and a highly coveted lifestyle.

Masterpieces and virtual reality at Domaine de Marly

In addition to the many works of art that cover the path (paintings, sculptures, architectural plans and earthenware), the estate appeals to all senses to express what the Domaine de Marly like and, especially, what does not exist anymore today. A virtual reality experience allows curious children and adults to immerse themselves in this building, demolished after the Revolution, and great events of days passed. Accompanied by Louis XIV, astronomer Cassini and the Duke of Orleans, we can see the great solar eclipse of May 3, 1715—an unprecedented experience to put yourself in the shoes of a few privileged people of the time!

From an interactive perspective, the exhibition uses many experiential devices that encourage both adults and children to discover this history come to life:
• Technical and fun experiences around the Marly Machine
• Sound devices to immerse yourself into the atmosphere of the Marlys
• A tactile map and videos to better apprehend the royal pavilion
There is no doubt that this visit, within a totally renovated museum, will appeal to architecture lovers and cultural enthusiasts wishing to complete their knowledge of the history of France and the Palace of Versailles.

Domaine Royal de Marly museum