Ducasse, Sweet Temptations

Be seduced by the sublime scent of freshly roasted cocoa beans wafting through Alain Ducasse’s chocolate factory in rue de la Roquette, Paris.

Chocolate is a “terribly sensual and bewitching substance”, according to Alain Ducasse, whose love affair with chocolate began in the 1970s. Today, Ducasse has his own ‘bean-to-bar’ chocolate factory in Rue de la Roquette, in the heart of Paris’ 11th arrondissement, which links the Place de la Bastille to the Père-Lachaise Cemetery. Here he produces exquisite chocolate for his restaurant and café empire (which, at last count, spans 60 addresses, in seven countries, on three continents). Visitors can take home pleasure packages of pure chocolate ganaches, pralines, chocolate covered candied fruit and chocolate bars in 50-plus fascinating flavours. Unsurprisingly, each carefully formed chocolate is made from beans of the highest quality – Ducasse places an emphasis on the ‘terroir’ of every bean, to produce mouth-watering flavours. There are over 20 Ducasse chocolate locations across Paris alone.

Giuseppe Lavazza and Alain Ducasse (photo © Pierre Monetta).Giuseppe Lavazza and Alain Ducasse (photo © Pierre Monetta).

Gastronomy in every coffee cup?

A few blocks away, travellers will hear the hiss of steam wands, the whir of grinders, and the banging on knock tubes at Le Café Alain Ducasse avec 1895 By Lavazza. It’s where travellers can stop off and sip seven carefully-crafted coffee flavours at Ducasse’s La Manufacture. These seven ‘crus’ have emerged from Alain Ducasse’s collaboration with Giuseppe Lavazza.Coffee drinkers are promised “The finest gastronomic experience in every coffee cup”, no less. French roasting champion Veda Viraswami oversees roasting and each step of the coffee production process - from selecting beans to roasting and blending - driven by Ducasse’s quest for excellence. Head to 12 rue Saint-Sabin for a cup of Ducasse.

Mouthwatering Alain Ducasse chocolates (photo © Pierre Monetta).Mouthwatering Alain Ducasse chocolates (photo © Pierre Monetta).

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Le Café Alain Ducasse avec 1895 by Lavazza
www.lecafe-alainducasse.com (External link)

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