Bread, a Parisian tradition

If the most beautiful Parisian love story is that of the city and bread, what would Paris be without the many boulangeries on every corner? With its wafting perfume of fresh bread, the bakery Utopie intoxicates all the passersby of the 11th arrondissement.

When Paris is waking up, Erwan and Sébastian, bakers and pastry chefs, have already been in front of the oven for hours. Four years ago, they decided to found the bakery Utopie. Their philosophy: homemade goods, with an absolute respect for products and innovate creations. Because they like to share quality with their clients, the products you find at Utopie are authentic and pack their own strong personality. The two artisans find their inspiration in their different travels. This creativity in their work paid off in 2016, when they earned the title of best bakery in France.

Walking into this temple to cakes and bread opens one’s senses. From the second the door opens, the scent of warm breads and croissants gets you drunk on aroma. It’s a similar reaction once your eyes take in the vibrant hues of Blueberry, to the obsidian of the activated charcoal baguette and the deep richness of the hazelnut whipped-cream Chocolate Milk. But the most intoxicating moment is that first crunch of biting into their crusty bread.
Behind the register, in the heart of the oven, is where you discover the savoir-faire of Utopie. Every day, the artisans of the bakery measure, knead, and bake in the purest tradition. They dedicate their whole lives to honor one of the most beloved symbols of Paris: bread.

Bakery Utopie in Paris 

The Bakery Utopie is located in the 11th arrondissement of Paris close to the Place de la République.