The Seine Valley in Normandy

From Burgundy to Normandy and Paris, the famous river livens up all the regions it passes through. The Seine has been an inspiration for many famous writers, including Victor Hugo, Flaubert, and Guy de Maupassant, delighting artists and visitors alike. With its rich history, heritage, and diverse range of natural spaces, the Seine river offers unique landscapes in Normandy.

Cities and Villages Around the Seine

Passing through the Seine River Valley means the opportunity to see several exceptional sites. Between cities and the countryside, the winding path of the Seine offers a passionate journey.

Rouen in particular allows you to travel back through time. An important site in the history of Joan of Arc, the city offers a particularly strong medieval ambiance thanks to its beautifully paved streets and houses dating back to the Middle Ages.

More towards the south of the Seine, discover Les Andelys, a city dominated by the Château Gaillard. Perched on a rock, the château has a magnificent view over its surroundings and the river.

On the Rive Droite, La Bouille is an ideal village for a stroll through timber-framed houses and artist galleries.

Take the time, of course, to visit Honfleur: both an estuary and a sea port, the city has a uniquely bewitching charm.

The Seine, a Must for Visiting Medieval Abbeys

At the heart of a trip on the Seine, a jewel of Romanesque architecture shines bright: the Abbaye Notre-Dame de Jumièges. Your eyes will be immediately captivated by the two white tours, each reaching nearly fifty meters in height.

Nicknamed the "Most Beautiful Ruins of France" by Victor Hugo, the structure surprises visitors with its considerable vestiges.

Visiting the Abbaye de Jumièges equals a voyage through nine centuries of architecture!

On the other side of the Seine, make sure to see the Abbaye Saint-Georges de Boscherville. With its purely Romanesque style, this Abbey has the particularity of having restored its gardens with plans dating back to the seventeenth century.

Located in the Pays de Caux, the Abbaye Fontenelle in Saint-Wandrille-Rancon remains very authentic. You can tour the grounds with one of the Benedictine monks who still inhabit its ancient walls!

Activities Around the Seine

The Parc Naturel Régional des Boucles de la Seine covers a range of exceptional landscapes: forests, a diverse range of flora and fauna, aquatic environments, rich heritage sites - more than enough to satisfy any nature lover. If you want to take it even further, be sure to visit the Estuaire de la Seine. Between the Pont de Tancarville and the opening of the Seine, this nature reserve has landscapes to take your breath away. On horseback, on foot, or by bike, these spaces are perfect for all types of adventurers.

For those who prefer to be on the water, we recommend river cruise on the Seine. Cruise boats, water excursions, or speedboats are some of the best ways to discover the Seine Valley. Alternatively, take the "bac," which allows visitors to cross from one side of the Seine to the other.

Don't miss one of the biggest events of the Seine River Valley: the Armada. The festivities include a massive gathering of sailboats, boats, held on the banks of Rouen every five years. Over the ten day period, the city is even warmer and livelier than usual!