Monaco Like A Local

Sample “made in Monaco” delights -

Monaco may be small, but it is packed with surprises. While you are visiting, make sure you sample some of the locally made, here are some recommendations.

  • Visit the local market - If you are foodie and want to try some local dishes or just wish to observe local life, head to the Condamine marketplace (External link) . Outdoors you will find a range of fruit and vegetable sellers with local and regional produce. Inside the covered market is the ideal place to enjoy the Monegasque culinary specialties, like the Barbagiuàn (a fried ravioli made with chard or marrow) and get a taste of local life.

__Distillerie de Monaco © DTC Monaco BVergely__
Distillerie de Monaco © Distillerie de Monaco

  • A tipple at the Distillerie de Monaco (External link) Just around the corner from the market is the Distillerie de Monaco, making liqueur from the bitter oranges which line the Principality’s streets, l’Orangerie (External link) is the first premium bitter orange liqueur from Monaco. They also make other fine beverages, including a citrus gin, vodka and a liqueur made from the fruit of the carob tree, the national tree of Monaco.

Distillerie de Monaco © DTC Monaco BVergely
L'Orangerie © Distillerie de Monaco

Les Perles de Monte-Carlo ©Les Perles de Monte-Carlo
Les Perles de Monte-Carlo © Les Perles de Monte-Carlo

  • La Bière de Monaco is brewed on site, at the Brasserie de Monaco (External link) located at Port Hercule. Monaco’s beer comes from organic malts and comes as lager, wheat beer, ale and seasonal versions. No need for transport, filtering, nor pasteurisation.

Getting around like a local in Monaco

It doesn’t take long to work out how to navigate the Principality as if you were one of the residents, here are our tips.

  • A walking destination - With a total area of 2km², Monaco can be easily explored on foot. If you opt to walk you will discover the many ingenious solutions to help you get around. Being a hilly destination, the Principality makes it easy to get around with public no less than 80 elevators, 37 escalators and 8 travelators, allowing you to get from A to B easily and as quickly as possible. And if you want to walk a lot more and catch some stunning scenery, check out the locals favourite walks starting in the Principality here (External link)

  • Try the public transport - Public transport in Monaco is top notch. Managed by Compagnie des Autobus de Monaco (External link) who serve the entire territory in a sustainable way. Monaco’s buses are powered by di-ester. There are plenty of bus routes making it quick and easy to get around.

  • Down at Port Hercule a water-bus ferry, called the Bateau Bus (External link) runs on electricity. The water-bus is equipped with two electric engines powered by batteries and 14 monocrystal solar panels which in summer supply 15W/day.

Bateau Bus © BVergely
Bateau Bus © BVergely

  • Share transport options - Other wonderful innovations include the Monabike (External link) , an electric bike hire system with 350 bikes and 49 stations, it’s easy to take a bike for an hour or more and put it back when you’ve finished your ride! Plenty of options keeping the country, clean, green and easy to get around.

Monabike - Electric bike - ©Benjamin Vergely
Monabike - Electric bike - © Benjamin Vergely

Get yourself a Monapass (External link) in Monaco:

Monapass (External link) is the Principality’s all-in-one transport mobile-app. Monapass allows you to keep all your transport passes together (bus, Monabike, on-street parking) on your telephone. Extended Monaco's flagship app has also been updated to include new attractions such as the Grand Apartments of the Prince's Palace, H.S.H. the Prince of Monaco's Car Collection and the Oceanographic Museum. The application can be downloaded from both Android or Apple stores. More information here (External link) (External link)
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