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  • distance416 km
  • duration7 days
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Exploring southern Corsica
© LaClefProduction - Sofitel Golfe d’Ajaccio - Exploring southern Corsica

Reading time: 0 minPublished on 31 May 2024

Corsica is a destination with plenty of surprises as well as breathtaking scenery. This heavenly island is surrounded by the aquamarine waters of the Mediterranean and is blessed with majestic mountains, making it the perfect destination for a romantic getaway, with so many great things to see and do. The Isle of Beauty is just as appealing as the Seychelles in terms of nature, culture, and authenticity!

Day 1: Arrive in Calvi (7 km)

Calvi, France
Calvi citadel - Corsica
© Royale production - Calvi citadel - Corsica

The charm of the Isle of Beauty hits you from the moment you arrive. Head to Calvi and explore the heart of this historic town to really embrace the easy-going atmosphere. Lose yourself wandering around the little streets and along the marina in the capital of the Balagne region. All the streets lead to the peninsula with the unmissable citadel and 360° view of the town, the bay and the nearby mountains. 
Just a few kilometers away, escape to the wild beach of Bodri for some peace and quiet. You can get there on the tram which will take you as far as a footpath that leads to this heavenly place with white sand and turquoise-blue waters.
Toast to this wonderful day together, as you watch the sunset at the Villa Calvi in the midst of nature, overlooking the bay. You could also choose to stay at the hotel La Signoria, a peaceful place in the mountains, where you can enjoy the unique experience of staying in a luxury cabin in the trees.

Day 2: From Piana to Porto Ota (82 km)

46 Cannicia, Ota, France
Overlooking the sea in Porto - Corsica
© Le Palmier - Overlooking the sea in Porto - Corsica

Feel the warmth or the Corsican sun rays against your skin as  you drive towards Piana and the fabulous coves along the D81, a winding road with breathtaking views of the deep blue sea on one side, and the powerful red rock on the other. What could be more romantic than that?
You don't want to miss a boat trip around the Piana coves. Come and explore the unique scenery in this area classified as UNESCO World Heritage. Discover the underwater caves, dive into the natural pools and visit Scandola nature reserve, a protected refuge for Mediterranean flora and fauna. An unforgettable experience. 
Continue your day admiring the incredible scenery and tasting the local delights at Palmier in Porto, a peaceful place that you won’t want to leave. 
End this adventure in the midst of the Mediterranean maquis overlooking the big blue sea at Bergeries d’Arone, an elegant and intimate establishment, with a dreamy vibe! 

Day 3: From Porto Ota to Corte (84 km)

Corte, France

Leave the seaside behind you and come and explore the beautiful countryside, via the D84 up to the hillside village of Corte. This route leads you via the Col de Vergio, the highest mountain pass in Corsica (1,478 m above sea level) and the views across the mountains are incredible. Take a stroll around Corte, the island’s former capital, visit the historic town centre, the castle and the citadel. Admire the beautiful façades, the washing hung out to dry from the windows and the dancing shadows on the cobbled streets.
Walk up to the little square with a viewpoint overlooking the town from up above, and cast your glance over the Restonica and Tavignano valleys. Treat yourselves to some top-quality Corsican cuisine at the Auberge de la Restonica, a stone’s throw from the incredible hotel Dominique Colonna, a poetic haven of lush greenery where you can spend the night.

Day 4: From Corte to Ajaccio (82 km)

Ajaccio, France
Breakfast with a view in southern Corsica
© Sofitel Golfe d’Ajaccio - Breakfast with a view in southern Corsica

Early in the morning, head to Ajaccio. You'll be driving through some wonderful little Corsican villages on the way, each one providing a change of scenery ! Once you arrive, wander around the colourful, Mediterranean-style streets lined with majestic palm trees and fascinating heritage. The most famous native of this Imperial city is Napoleon Bonaparte and he has most definitely left his mark on the city. There’s a museum in his ancestral home, iconic statues in tribute to him, public squares, and so much more. The Imperial chapel and cathedral are worth a visit, and I recommend stopping by the indoor market, a favourite haunt for the locals. After this walk around the town, leave the urban environment behind you and head to one of the most beautiful beaches, the Mare e Sole, known as the silver beach. An idyllic, romantic setting, with clear waters, and white sand with flashes of silver. We recommend booking a table at a beach hut so you can enjoy lunch on the water’s edge and then spend the rest of the afternoon lazing on sun loungers and swimming in the sea. 
Finally, set down your bags at the Sofitel Golfe d’Ajaccio for the night, renowned for its warm and inviting atmosphere. Perfect for couples ! 

Day 5: From Ajaccio to Propriano (70 km)

Propriano, France

Along the road that leads to southern Corsica, between the gulfs of Ajaccio and Valinco, there are superb views of the coast and paths down to the beaches, each one even more beautiful than the last. Abbartello, Olmeto Plage, Capicciolo or the wonderful little Propriano beach, you’ll be spoilt for choice here if you’re looking for somewhere to go for a dip together. 
Have lunch facing the sea near Propriano marina, at L’Incantu, with an original “guinguette” style vibe. If you are a fan of snorkelling, get your flippers, mask and snorkel ready because the Propriano coast is renowned for its underwater world brimming with incredible aquatic life.

Continue on your way inland until you reach the village of Sartène, built up on a rocky outcrop. This place is a must-see in terms of culture. Come and explore the charming old cobbled streets and beautiful buildings. This fortified village is encircled by mountains and lush vegetation, and is a key place if you’re looking to discover the authentic side of Corsica. If you enjoy hiking, treat yourselves to an atypical overnight stay at the Senetosa Lighthouse Refuge, a lighthouse facing the sea. 

Day 6: From Propriano to Bonifacio (64 km)

Bonifacio, France
Bonifacio Tourist Office - Corsica
© Sébastien Leroy / Office Municipal de Tourisme de Bonifacio - Bonifacio Tourist Office - Corsica

At dawn, set off along the T40 main road and cross the pine and chestnut forests towards Bonifacio, a town well-known for its lively marina and medieval citadel perched up on a white cliff. Go for a stroll around this fortified town hand-in-hand, wander along the edge of the citadel cliffs and admire the striking contrast between the white limestone and the typical Mediterranean maquis. You also have the option of going on a boat trip around Bonifacio nature reserve, with a spectacular view of the town from the sea. Other must-sees here include the staircase of the King of Aragon carved into the cliff, and the Chemin de Ronde footpath that leads to the sailors’ cemetery or the Bastion de l’Etendart !
Your day will come to a close in front of the sunset at this cocktail bar U Capu Biancu. Then head to A Sperenza for a good night’s sleep at a contemporary, Ecolabel hotel. 

Day 7: From Bonifacio to Porto Vecchio (27 km)

Porto-Vecchio, France
La Chiappa lighthouse - Corsica
© FX Serafino / Office de Tourisme de Porto-Vecchio - La Chiappa lighthouse - Corsica

Porto-Vecchio is a lively and authentic town overflowing with charm thanks to the countless squares, the market, harbour and La Chiappa lighthouse. In this seaside resort renowned for its many beaches, how about one last dip in the turquoise-blue waters of Palombaggia ?
For a romantic lunch or evening meal on the water’s edge, take a seat at the beach bar and then stay at the Belvédère in the pretty, vaulted rooms on the seafront. 

Tips and suggestions

Are you looking to take your time between each place? This programme can be modified and is just as enjoyable spread over 10 days or two weeks. All you need to do is double the time you spend at each place.

By Clemence Malaga

Editor France.fr