Regulation about smoking, drinking alcohol and using drugs


In France, smoking is prohibited in public places (museums, monuments, cinemas) or on public transport. Restaurants are all non-smoking.


Any driver under the influence of alcohol seriously compromises the safety of passengers and other road users.
As a result, driving with a level of alcohol in the blood equal to or higher than 0.5g per litre of blood is prohibited.

The police and gendarmerie can test for alcohol levels in a driver's blood.
It is prohibited to travel (even on foot) under the influence of alcohol along a public highway.

Anyone who allows a minor to drink until they are in a state of drunkenness is committing a crime.
It is prohibited to sell or offer alcoholic drinks to minors aged under 16 years old (in drinks outlets, shops and public places).
According to the law of 10 January 1991 it is prohibited to introduce alcoholic drinks into establishments for physical and sporting activities.


The use of drugs and bringing them into France is strictly forbidden, including "soft" drugs.