Entry Requirements for American Travelers to France


All U.S. and Canadian citizens, including infants, need a valid passport to enter France. Visas are not required for American and Canadian visitors staying in France for up to 90 days. For more information, contact your nearest French Consulate. See a list of local French consulates in the U.S. (External link)

It is mandatory in France to carry some form of identification at all times. If you lose your passport, the nearest U.S. Consulate will issue Americans a limited-validity replacement if travel is imminent, or a full-validity passport if further travel is not within two weeks. When in France, please carry a photocopy of your passport separately from your passport. The copy will facilitate issuance of a replacement ($75 fee for adults, $85 for children). The American Embassy in Paris is at 2, avenue Gabriel, tel. 01 43 12 22 22. The Passport Section is nearby at 4, avenue Gabriel (open 9a.m.-noon, Monday- Friday). There are other Consular Offices in Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Rennes, Strasbourg and Toulouse that provide assistance to American citizens.


Entering France: Travelers from countries outside the European Union (EU) must declare certain articles when entering France. Duty and import taxes are levied on items not for personal use that individually or collectively exceed 175€ in value. Certain categories of items for personal use (tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, perfumes, coffee and tea, etc.) may be brought in untaxed up to certain authorized amounts. The following are forbidden or subject to strict control: drugs, radioactive materials, firearms, endangered species, plants, ivory and food, meat and dairy products. Carry prescriptions to authenticate any controlled substances. “Monetary instruments” equal to more than 10,000€ (whether brought into or taken out of France) must be declared. When in doubt, consult the French Embassy (External link) , a French Consulate or the French Customs and Excise Service's “Info Douanes Service (External link) ” in Paris at tel. 08 20 02 44 44 (8:30 a.m.-6:00 p.m., Monday to Friday)

Re-entering the U.S.: Returning U.S. citizens who have been away for 48 hours or more are allowed to bring back, once every 30 days, $800 worth of merchandise duty-free. You're charged a flat rate of duty on the next $1,000 worth of purchases, and any dollar amount beyond that is subject to duty at whatever rates apply. On mailed gifts, the duty-free limit is $200. Have your receipts or purchases handy to expedite the declaration process. Note: If you owe duty, you are required to pay upon your arrival in the United States, using cash, personal check, government or traveler's check, or money order; some locations also accept Visa or MasterCard.


Travelers may bring dogs, cats and ferrets into France. Each family is limited to five animals, which must have valid rabies vaccination certificates and be identifiable by a microchip or tattoo. For more information, including details about travel with pet rodents, reptiles, birds or other species, visit www.ambafrance-us.org or contact the French Embassy.