The Royal Monceau, an address for art-lovers in Paris


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Royal Monceau Raffles Paris
© Royal Monceau Raffles Paris

Reading time: 0 minPublished on 11 January 2023

In the heart of Paris, find a place where fine dining and art intersect.

Open the doors to the Royal Monceau and enter a world where nothing but the finest will suffice. Located in the very heart of Paris, the walls of this palace dedicated to modern art provide a welcome home for the elegance of a vibrant, innovative, and aesthetic capital to find its fullest expression. A place where delight and inspiration cross paths, the Royal Monceau extends a warm invitation on a creative odyssey, where art intermingles with fine dining. It is a place where imagination imbues even the menu. Welcome to a world where every day ushers in a unique experience. Choose the Royal Monceau, part of the Palaces de France collection.

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