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Alsace and Lorraine

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Traveling by plane, train or car - the easiest and best ways to get to Alsace.

By Train

Strasbourg, the capital of the region, is about 2 hours and 20 minutes from Paris on the high-speed TGV train.

By Plane

Hour-long regional flights to Strasbourg International Airport or Basel Mulhouse Frieburg Airpot are available from larger French cities, including Paris, Marseille, Nice, Toulouse and many others.

By Car

Lyon to Strasbourg is 495km/308mi (about 5 hours). You can take routes A36 straight there.

Brest to Strasbourg is 1070km/665mi (11 hours). You can take routes A4 or A5 in between the two cities.

Marseille to Strasbourg is 806km/501mi (8 hours). You can take route A7 to A36.

Lille to Strasbourg is 522km/324mi (5 hours). You can take route E411 to A4.

Paristo Strasbourg is 488km/303mi (5 hours). You can take route A4.

In general, from the north of France, take route A1 and then A26 until Reims, after which you can take A4 to Strasbourg.

If you're coming from the south take route A7 until Lyon, then follow A42 and A40 until Bourg-en-Bresse. Taking route A39 to A36 will get you to Besançon; you can continue to Mulhouse on route A35.


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