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World icon and quintessential symbol of Paris and of France, the Eiffel Tower dazzles her visitors from all over the world. 1062 ft high, the famous "Iron Lady" has dominated the city of Paris since 1889. Although it is not at the residence of the President of the Republic, the Eiffel Tower is undoubtedly the First Lady of France. Let's discover without further delay the secrets of this tower unlike any others.

The Parisian Icon

The Universal Exhibition in Paris in 1889 saw her birth. Since then, the banks of the Seine have been her kingdom. The Eiffel Tower rests on the green carpet of the Champs de Mars gardens, facing the Trocadéro Gardens.

Gustave Eiffel’s Tower dares those who are brave enough to climb the 1,665 steps (and those who prefer the lift!) to admire the exceptional 360⁰ views across Paris’s cityscape. As the poet Jean Cocteau liked to describe it, as soon as your set your eyes on "the beautiful lace giraffe", your pupils dilate.


The Iron Lady, a seductress.

The Iron Lady stands still on Champ-de-Mars. At nightfall, she puts on her clothes of light. On special occasions such as the National Holiday on July 14, she illuminates Paris with different colors. The Iron Lady remains the most visited monument in the world throughout time.

At the end of the last century (1985-1990), the Eiffel Tower goes through a slight makeover: new elevators (4 in each pylon), weight reduction (2960808 pounds) and lighting worthy of her elegance. All these efforts allow her to continue to affirm her vocation for Paris, the City of Light.

Couple Tour Eiffel

Le Jules Verne

Experience with your loved ones an extraordinary gastronomic journey at Le Jule Verne restaurant with the capital of romanticism at your feet. Le Jules Verne is truly a tasteful experience in a magical place. Enjoy French cuisine at 410 ft of Paris (2nd floor).

Want to elevate this experience? A few steps to climb, and here you are on the 3rd and top floor. You will be surrounded by clouds at 905 ft above the ground and a panoramic view of the French capital.

Already time to get down to earth? Instead, extend these magical moments by joining the 1st floor where thrills await you. Discover the glass floor at 187ft above the ground and unforgettable gifts in the local shops.

Symbol of modernity

The renowned French symbol might have never existed. The Eiffel tower went through few oppositions during the Universal Exposition in Paris in 1889. However, Gustave Eiffel stood tall and defended his project.Once qualified as "useless" and "monstrous" by a group of artists, Gustave Eiffel responded that the Iron Lady project was a "symbol of contemporary science build for the glory of Paris".

After two years, two months and five days of work, Eiffel finished the tower that defies the laws of physics and stands out against the strong winds. The Eiffel Tower became, in the 1920s, a symbol of modernity and technological superiority.

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