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Reading time: 0 minPublished on 4 January 2023

Paris has become the first restricted traffic area in France.

This means that all vehicles travelling in the capital must now carry a ‘Crit’Air’ anti-pollution sticker. Vehicles not registered in France will also have to display the sticker.

What are restricted areas?

It’s up to individual municipalities to decide which Crit'Air vehicle categories are allowed to enter the restricted traffic zones (ZCRs), and they do so by affixing a sign under the restricted area start sign. This sign also states the time periods during which vehicles with a Crit'Air sticker can enter the area. Paris’ restricted area constitutes the whole of the capital ‘intra muros’, not the suburbs.

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When should you have the sticker on a foreign vehicle?

Non-French motorists can already order the Crit’Air sticker at available in both English and French). It will arrive within five working days and must be displayed inside the vehicle windscreen. French police will initially be lenient with motorists who don’t have the sticker, but will encourage them to obtain it as soon as possible; the new regulation is currently in a trial phase and there will be no fines until the government decree is published. It is expected to become law on 1 April 2017. Regardless, all polluting vehicles pre-1997 (whether French or foreign) are now prohibited from entering targeted areas during peak periods – and these vehicles will be fined if they do so.

Fines for polluting vehicles (source: Mairie de Paris)

  • €65 for trucks
  • €68 for any other vehicle type

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