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Pierre Planchenault
© Pierre Planchenault

Reading time: 0 minPublished on 26 March 2024

Between the Garonne River and the Saint-Jean train station, where the old slaughterhouse used to be, Bordeaux’s new Boca Hall welcomes visitors on an extraordinary culinary adventure. Food shops and caterers from all over the world have set up shop in the refurbished hall, with big tables and beautiful terraces promising friendly encounters.

After two and half years of construction, the time has finally come to explore this new venue, located in the increasingly trendy Bordeaux-Euratlantique neighborhood. Boca FoodCourt is a true renovation success story. Since 1938, on the southern banks of the Garonne, Paludate Quay was home to Debat-Ponsan Hall, the livestock market for the former Bordeaux slaughterhouse. It was partially destroyed in 1998, and finally transformed into Boca FoodCourt this winter.

Pierre Planchenault
© Pierre Planchenault

The large hall with its nearly 200-meter-long (650 feet) concrete dome is truly spectacular—even more so now that it is flanked by three other halls, which look like hoisted sails. The space includes a Garden Hilton Inn four-star hotel with 140 rooms and offices. However, the main attraction remains the Boca FoodCourt, a one-of-a-kind marketplace in Bordeaux, only five minutes from the Saint-Jean train station.

The flavors of 14 independent restaurateurs

Not unlike New York’s Meatpacking District in the heart of Manhattan, Boca FoodCourt was designed to be attractive, lively, and trendy. And this, on a scale never before seen in France with 1,300m² (4,265ft²) of bars, restaurants, shops, and delicatessens. So far, 14 independent restaurateurs have moved into Boca’s common area, sharing their worldly cuisine with food lovers and foodies alike. It provides a dynamic, sensory space where families and groups of friends can come seven days a week, from 10am to midnight on weekdays and until 2 am on weekends.

Pierre Planchenault
© Pierre Planchenault

From its Mexican and Asian corners, seafood counter, regional specialties and gluten-free options, Neapolitan pizzas and gourmet cuisine, everything at Boca is fresh and ready to eat. Depending on where their taste buds wish to travel, visitors can choose their own menus and sit wherever they like. There are large wooden tables and covered terraces, a self-service beer station and large central cocktail bar, making for a friendly, epicurean atmosphere. Guests can then continue the gourmet experience in the many surrounding food shops and boutiques.

An innovative checkout

For bill paying, everything is centralized. Boca FoodCourt uses the same model for festivals and certain sporting events. Top up your account with a dedicated app or a reusable card valid for all Boca food vendors. This leaves visitors with more time to enjoy the important things and properly savor their culinary experience in Bordeaux.


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