4 spots to sleep under the stars in the Vosges mountains

In the Vosges Mountains, the slopes are gentle, the nature verdant and the forests ancient. Between lakes, waterfalls and green meadows, the landscapes command serenity and encourage healing, day and night. To extend this reconnection, discover 4 unusual cottages where you can stay under a blanket of stars.

In complete harmony at Bleu Minuit

Clean lines, glass ceilings, large bay windows—the beautiful wooden frame lodges of Bleu Minuit welcome light and the very forests of the Vosges Natural Park inside. One hour from Strasbourg, immersion into nature is guaranteed in an ocean of greenery. As far as the eye can see and the ear can detect there are rustling leaves and birdsongs. In the cabin itself, it's hewn of soft furnishings made of noble French materials: the artisans who created these special places considered perspectives, proportions, and attention. The lodges include equipped terraces with hot tubs and a telescope to dive into the night. At midnight, when the milky way blooms through the large glass roof above the bed, we promise you a sleep blessed by a thousand stars.

Bleu minuit (External link)

Focus on well-being at 48° Nord

Do you know about hyttes, cozy Norwegian cabins perfect for curling under a blanket, contemplating the blue line of the horizon? Nestled in a high valley in Alsace, sheltered by the neighboring Vosges peaks, the Landscape Hotel 48e Nord has spread its 4-star comfort to hytte cottages spread far from the hustle and bustle of any town. Overlooking the eco-village of Breitenbach, the starting point for many excursions to Mont Saint-Odile, Haut-Koenigsbourg or along the Alsace wine route, these are light constructions made of glass and local wood, placed in the middle of the meadow or in a tree. In the middle of nature, enjoy the pleasures of sharing a good meal, walking, swimming or simply relax and do nothing at all. In short, indulge in "hygge", the Nordic philosophy of cozy well-being. It's the perfect concept for the serenity of the Vosges Mountains.

Landscape Hotel 48e Nord (External link) (upcoming reservations accepted soon)

Letting go at the Hameau des Sens

Looking for authenticity in a sheltered environment? Seeking a return to nature to let go and get back to basics? Le Hameau des Sens, very close to Saverne in Alsace, offers original accommodations on the hillside of the Vosges Mountains. The five solid wood chalets are physical testaments to traditions and the passion of the experienced craftsmen of the surrounding forests. A favorite amenity are the individual Nordic jacuzzis installed on the terraces, with breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside. In early morning, when nature wakes up, or at night, under a cloud of stars, you can enjoy the effects of spring water heated to 39°C (102.2°F). With a thermal bath and a jacuzzi, the Hameau des Sens wellness center reinforces reconnection with oneself, before or after a hike, a bike ride or a gourmet meal. It's the ideal lodging in the Vosges Massif where all senses are fulfilled.

Le Hameau des Sens (External link)

Swim in the Milky Way at the Cabanes de Belfahy

There are many amazing cabins here: the Cabane aux Myrtilles, the Cabane aux Remonte-Pente, the Cabane du Lynx and then the Cabane des Bolet. However, aspiring astronomers will adore the Cabane de la Voie Lactée (Milky Way Cabin), the most original of the five in Belfahy. Perched in the trees on the heights of the highest village of Haute-Saône, in the Vosges mountains, they all offer 4 star comforts, such as a private sauna/jacuzzi to enjoy after a stroll in the forest, on foot or by mountain bike. Best of all, you can fall asleep with your head in the stars—the Milky Way Cabin will surprise even the most knowledgeable stargazer with its projection system on a 180° arch, bringing the vision offered by the telescope on the terrace indoors. Whatever the weather, the Milky Way is so bright in the pure of the Vosges sky that it studs the domed ceiling of the hut. From your cozy nest, shooting stars and constellations are almost in hand's reach. Magique!

Cabanes de Belfahy (External link)