7 tips for enjoying winter in the Vosges

In the French mountains, and in the Vosges massif in particular, winter is a season of contrasts: crisp mountain air and warm fireplace, gourmet indulgence and extreme sports. See you there?

Rise higher

Get off the tracks. Forget the ski lifts. With snowkiting, you go up whenever you want, according to the wind. Your initiation can be done without skiing, but to progress, it’s best to be a good skier.

Descend faster

At the Acropark of the Ballon d’Alsace, there’s a French first that you have to try: a zipwire of 900m, motorised and open to the public (even adapted for people with reduced mobility).

Hunt wild beasts

While snowshoeing or simply hiking, go looking for the rare lynx of the Vosges. They were only three in 2016 when they were reintroduced in the Regional Natural Park of Vosges du Nord. But the more time passes, the more likely you are to meet them.

Choose your adventure

At La Schlucht, you can enjoy the invigoration of the winter wind in your hair. Wrapped up from head to toe, all you need to do is choose your vehicle: a snowmobile or a dog sled.

Tap into your inner naturist

A night at the Fuste du Trappeur means dinner by the stove, a Finnish bath on the terrace, waking up amongst deer and foxes… this unusual little hut will awaken the trapper in you.

Melt slowly

First a bubble. Then another. Then everything goes very fast: a beautiful golden crust is formed on the surface of your cheese, it slides onto your potatoes in one fell swoop, and voilà! Alleluia. The first raclette is ready to eat.

Go ballooning

From the soft powder up to the fluffy clouds, your hot air ballooning will be a hit on Instagram.

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