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Nancy – a town for all the senses

A beautiful town with so much to offer. Capital of the Dukes of Lorraine, Nancy is known throughout the world for its array of eighteenth century architecture in place Stanislas, place de la Carrière and place d’Alliance - listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites since 1983.

Even more than being a town dedicated to art (which it is), Nancy has turned to “live” culture, with a national opera, a ballet, a symphony and opera orchestra, a national drama centre and 6 museums, among which is the unique, genre-transcending École de Nancy (School of Nancy museum).

Must-sees in Nancy

  • Place Stanislas (town hall, Grand Theatre etc), place de la Carrière, place d’Alliance, are listed as UNESCO world heritage sites.
  • The old town.
  • The École de Nancy museum.
  • The Lorraine museum.
  • The fine art museum and its Daum collection.
  • The Museum and Aquarium.
  • Art Nouveau.
  • The botanical garden at Le Montet with its 20,000 species of plants.
  • The gourmet specialities: Bergamotes and Macarons de Nancy, Mirabelle plums, Quiche Lorraine.
  • The marina and its water gardens.

Important events on the Nancy calendar

  • Saint-Nicolas Day (start of December):
    Since the Middle Ages, Saint-Nicolas has been celebrated on 6th December throughout Lorraine. It is in Nancy that this Saint is celebrated the most exuberantly, with two days of music, parades, lights and laughter and an extraordinary show on place Stanislas.
  • The place Stanislas “Rendez-vous”:
    Every evening throughout summer the UNESCO listed royal square is revealed in all its glory by a breath-taking and poetic display of sights and sounds.
  • The “Livre sur la Place” fair :
    The first large national fair heralding the start of France’s literary season welcomes 400 authors and 120,000 visitors to place Carrière
  • Nancy Jazz Pulsations :
    the festival that put Eastern France on the music map.
  • The temporary gardens in place Stanislas.
  • The International Choral Music Festival :
    This festival, which takes place every two years, has become a major popular event in Lorraine’s cultural year.
  • Nancyphonies


At first glance, Nancy is best known for its sweet specialities: the pearlescent Macarons de Nancy that melt in the mouth; the little golden Bergamotes de Nancy, those translucent square sweets, that are so portable you can send, or have them sent, all around the world !

On closer inspection the gastronomic picture also has a savoury side in quiches, potées (hotpot), Bouchées à la Reine (chicken vols-au-vent), Lorraine pâté, pies, tarts, cooked meats and all the variations of Lorraine’s best-loved fruit, the Mirabelle plum.

And to finish off, what about a little cheese from the nearby Vosges mountains, some hand-made bread, Côtes de Toul wine = bliss !

Gourmands, don’t forget to schedule a visit to the central market in the heart of the New Town! There you will discover products from this wooded region with our rich history and generous nature: freshwater fish, water fowl, woodland and wild game, orchard fruits, mushrooms and truffles…

Both in the town and in its surrounding area, there are some good (and very good) restaurants, inventive and respected chefs and fine regional produce: Nancy really will delight your taste buds!

Visit the town: arrange a weekend in Nancy

Make the most of the town with the City Pass which will enable you to discover the ducal town at a discounted price.The Tourist Info Centre has a wide range of weekend deals, tailored to your budget and your interests.

How to get to Nancy

  • TGV Est: 1 hour 30 from Paris Gare de l’Est
  • Airport: Metz-Nancy Lorraine (30 minutes from the town centre)
  • Motorways: A31, A33, RN 4 (300km from Paris)


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