Explore Tahiti - Papeeno Valley

Tahiti: A world where entrenched Polynesian culture collides with the added flair of French sophistication. A land where the wild mountainous landscapes appear to plunge into the most unbelievably surreal coloured waters. Black sand beaches hug the coastline while valleys and mountainsides filled with towering waterfalls provide the most dramatic backdrop you've ever appreciated. Undoubtedly remote, The Islands of Tahiti are sure to leave you speechless from the moment you arrive, all while allowing you to disengage from the worries of the world - Welcome to Tahiti.


What's a visit to Tahiti without venturing into the wild jungles and mountains of the main island - Tahiti Nui. Not possible you say? Think again! Departing from your hotel in Papeete, Teiva, from Tahiti Discovery will be your guide for either a half-day or full day tour of Maroto Valley (also known as Papenoo Valley).

First stop: The black sand beaches of Papenoo enroute to Maroto Valley. Experience the stretch of black sand before entering into the valley. Unlike your regular white sand beaches, the volcanic black sand beaches of Tahiti are truly unique and offer the perfect contrast between the ocean before you and mountains behind you.


Journeying onward to Maroto Valley, Teiva will safely lead you through his homeland and into the most wild and raw landscapes of the valley, allowing for stops at many of the numerous waterfalls along the way. While a portion of the waterfalls in Maroto Valley can't be seen unless there's been substantial rainfall, the sheer volume of waterfalls you see from the very start is phenomenal, regardless.

Venturing further into the mountains, the clouds become thicker, the mountains taller and the volume of each waterfall intensifies. Crawling and weaving your way in the back of a Jeep through torrents of passing water and scaling muddy terrain are all part of the adventure with Tahiti Discovery. Teiva will indicate points of cultural interest on the way, outlining the importance of previous generations and landscape formations.

The photo opportunities are constant. We made the return journey after lunch and stopped a few more times to admire the beauty of the valley and capture the power and force of more waterfalls on display. There are not many places in the world where you can experience the combination of white and black sand deserted beaches coupled with the most dramatic jungle mountainsides within such a short distance of one another.

Credits: ScottyPass

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