7 must-try Tahitian dishes in Tahiti

The Islands of Tahiti have a lot of incredible local dishes just waiting to be tried by eager visitors. We have put together a list of traditional Tahitian meals that you need to try on your next adventure to this tropical paradise.

Delicious Poisson Cru or Raw fish

Holding the position of The Islands of Tahiti’s (External link) signature national dish, this scrumptious, fresh meal is available on every menu in the islands. Poisson cru literally translates to ‘raw fish’ in French and being true to its name, this dish contains raw tuna marinated in lime juice and coconut milk before or after (depending on the cooking you want) being mixed in with diced vegetables.

Chevrettes in Tahiti

This delicious entrée combines local freshwater shrimp with creamy coconut milk and divine vanilla, cooked to perfection. These freshwater shrimp can be found around the waters in The Islands of Tahiti.

Tahitian Ahima’a

Like other South Pacific cultures, the Tahitians use an underground oven to cook up traditional feasts. To prepare these feasts, locals cook their dishes in baskets woven from banana leaves over hot rocks in a large hole in the ground. Ahima’a refers to the style of cooking rather than the food used, however, many hima’a feasts can include fish, pork, banana, taro and shrimp. Locals tend to cook a ahima’a on Sundays or for special occasions.

The Breadfruit Uru

Translated to ‘breadfruit’ from Tahitian, this starchy fruit is found on uru trees scattered around The Islands of Tahiti. Uru can be prepared multiple ways including fried, steamed, boiled, baked and roasted, however, cooked in a hima’a tends to be the most popular method. Locals also enjoy consuming uru with hot corned beef – definitely worth a try!

Bon appetit, enkoy your meal!

Breadfruit Photo caption: Uru, the breadfruit plant (© Tahiti (External link) Tourisme)