Saint-Martin: what to do, what to see…

Saint-Martin is currently being rebuilt. The “Friendly Island” suffered the full brunt of Hurricane Irma on the night of 5-6 September 2017. The island was left devastated by the weather event’s unprecedented power, but is starting to get back on its feet and doing all it can to be ready for visitors in 2018. For more details, please visit the Saint-Martin Tourist Information website or social media pages (links at end of article).

As you probably know, Saint-Martin has a French side and a Dutch side. This small island of just 86 km² boasts 37 white sandy beaches and 300 restaurants, making it the fine dining capital of the Caribbean. Saint-Martin is also home to people of 110 different nationalities. Ready for some amazing encounters?


• The Sentier des Froussards hiking trail from Marcel to Cul-de-Sac
• Fort Louis
• The butterfly farm
• The village of Grand-Case
• The Loterie Farm nature sanctuary at the foot of Pic Paradis
• The Spring sugar mill
• The islet of Pinel 
• Plum Bay
• Marigot
• Orient Bay


• Swim with the fish through the many coral reefs
• Take a leisurely lunch on Red Bay Beach
• Hike to the summit of Pic Paradis
• Go window shopping in the colourful streets of Marigot
• Live Saint-Martin life carnival style in February and April
• Be amazed at all 5 of the island's protected ecosystems, from coral reefs to dry forests
• Enjoy traditional dishes barbecued in one of the many small traditional restaurants known as Lolos
• Seek out the secret Plage des Amoureux (Lovers’ Beach); it’s the smallest on the island
• Explore the mangrove swamp in a glass-bottomed kayak
• Windsurf in Nettle Bay


• Grilled spiny lobsters
• Johnny Cakes
• Oxtail Stew
• Locri
• Red snapper
• King mackerel
• Lambi
• Seagrape
• Guava berry
• Buccaneer chicken


• Perfume from Tijon
• Spices
• Colombo spice mix
• Banana leaf baskets
• Check fabric
• Flavoured rums
• Luxury products that don’t break the bank

Getting to Saint Martin