Golf and overseas destinations - a real escape

With a total of 14 registered courses and 7,237 players, France’s overseas courses are the new eldorados for golf lovers who enjoy unforgettable holidays coloured by great golfing surrounded by some exceptional natural sites. The courses continue to improve in both their quality and facilities: new buggies, re-laid tee-boxes, smart new signage and more are still being updated.
A guided tour of the overseas golf courses is a real getaway.

Reunion Island

The golf du Bassin Bleu is laid out at St Gilles les Hauts in the west of the island. The 18-hole design has two very different sets of holes. The first brings the golfer face to face with the Indian Ocean, the second winds its way through a eucalyptus forest. It is a unique setting with dramatic views of the mountains. Each year, they host the Open International de La Réunion, the only overseas stop-off for the French tour. Reunion Island has two other courses, the Golf du Colorado and the Golf Club de Bourbon.

New Caledonia

In the dream setting of the South Pacific, between the world’s largest coral lagoon, white sandy beaches and colourful, sweetly-scented plant-life, New Caledonia boasts three golf courses: La Ouenghi, Dumbéa and the Golf de Tuna, an internationally recognised course laid out in a park of some 220 acres amidst luxurious vegetation with a stunning view over the lagoon.

French Polynesia

The Golf International de Tahiti, an 18-hole layout, is reputed to be one of the world’s most beautiful golfing venue - a course with an exceptional view of the turquoise waters of the Pacific Ocean. On the island of Moorea, the Golf Moorea Green Pearl Club H also benefits from exceptional surroundings and offers an 18-hole course playable by beginners and low-handicappers alike.


The Golf des Trois Ilets, one of the finest courses in the Caribbean, is the only layout on the island of Martinique. Opened in 1976 by the village of Trois Ilets – the birthplace of Empress Joséphine in the bay of Fort-de-France, it blends in beautifully with a majestic natural landscape. The 18-hole course is laid out over more than 155 acres between sea-shore, trees and stretches of water. The full splendour of Martinique.


The island of Guadeloupe boasts two golf courses. Right at the heart of the island lies the Golf International de Saint-François, a superb 18-hole course laid out amongst coconut and royal palm trees, dotted with white sandy bunkers and small ponds near the limpid waters of the lagoon. In Saint-Martin, the Golf de Grand Case is also very highly rated.


At the heart of local landscapes in the area of Combani, about twenty kilometres from Mamoudzou, the Golf Club les Ylangs is a superb mix of exotic scenery, simplicity and natural beauty. The course lies on the edge of the jungle between tropical plants and scents of ylang ylang. This is a 9-hole lined with hazards, that requires concentration and real technical skills.


The golf de l'Anse is the busiest course in French Guiana. The course is laid out in the leisure base next to the Space Centre. It’s an unusual course with three holes running through the forest and six others in the savannah. The second course in French Guiana is the Golf des 3 Collines, a 9-holer in the Matit savannah just a few minutes from Kourou.