Skylodge, hotel of the future for ski groups in the Pyrenees

On December 21, an intriguing, futuristic venue will open its doors, welcoming guests at 1850 m (6070 ft) above sea level, in the heart of the Piau-Engaly resort in the Pyrenees. Skiing parties take note: this first Skylodge, decorated in black and yellow, is about to reinvent mountain lodging. Come, let’s schuss around the grounds.

Friendly on all levels

Break the rules to break the ice! This is the mission of the first Skylodge by N'PY, who have created a different kind of mountain lodging inspired by both Japanese capsule hotels and new generation urban youth hostels. Friendliness, sharing, and a good vibe are key here, and Piau-Engaly is the first resort to jump onboard. Other resorts in the Pyrenees are also planning to adopt the concept by 2023.

To each his own

Skylodge Piau dug its poles into a former four-floor residence, converting it into a 2,000 m² (6,560-ft²) living area. The balconies have been covered to create new spaces, a ski storage room was designed between two floors, and a gigantic rooftop terrace, sunny from morning till night, serves as dining area. There are 290 beds and something for everyone with double or single rooms and dormitories for large parties, groups of friends, and families.

Deck chairs and group seating

A 22-meter-long bar (70 ft) and two restaurants provide non-stop service from 7am to 11pm, complimentary breakfast included. Take a break and admire the mountains from a different angle, from the soup or grill bar on the top terrace. Grab a bite to eat at one of the big, communal tables, then relax on a deck chair, or by the outdoor fireplace. Once re-energized, it’s time to hit the slopes again! This feel-good ambiance continues into the evenings with music, guest DJs, concerts, and shows—not to mention the billiard and foosball tournaments organized in the game room.

Tech everywhere

Forget paper and purses. Instead, get a Skylodge smart card, which allows you to check in automatically 24 hours a day, giving you access to the rooms, the sauna, and all the catering services. Leave all bills to the end of your stay, and keep track of your spending in real time. Reserve ski equipment and lift passes online, and yes, there’s also a mobile app and free Wi-Fi. It’s a totally carefree holiday.

Getting to Piau-Engaly, in the Pyrenees